American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - header

American Eagle SSB CBers Club

Uniting CBers Since February 5, 1992 - Celebrating 30 Years -

Website Last Updated on - October 15, 2022 - Total Members: 2468

American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - Logo
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - cqdx
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - Albrecht
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - EGS1
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - EGS2

American Eagle SSB CBers CLUB has several social media sites including a facebook group

American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - Facebook
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - fbgroups
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - twitter
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - mail
American Eagle SSB CBers Club is a group of Citizend Band Radio (CB Radio) operators across the globe who enjoy partaking in Transcontinental Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation - joinus
American Eagle SSB CBers CLUB news and updates, Frequencies, and info on how to join
American Eagle SSB CBers Club Information


The Æ SSB Cbers Club’s call frequency is 38 LSB (27.385 MHz) & conversation frequency is 40 LSB (27.405 MHz). Naturally this is a free hobby & once meeting up on 38 LSB you’re free to move to any frequency that you wish to chat with other Æ members.


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6/4/22 - We added 28 New Members

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PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB or update your listing.

You will be asked several questions. Please answer them all so we can post complete data for you on our roster. however the email address will not be shared with anyone.

If you already have an American Eagle call sign  please put in you full American eagle call sign under the section labeled call sign. The abbreviation AE is used by several groups so spelling out American Eagle will let me know that you are updating a listing. Thanks !

American Eagle SSB CBers CLUB online and downloadable membership roster

Æ • American Eagle SSB CBers Club – Membership Roster

Please click here for a downloadable roster in PDF Format



Director of Operations 

Eric Extreme • American Eagle 813 • K1EXT • WRDQ466

North Conway, New Hampshire, USA


Æ01 Larry Dalton MA 

Æ03 Butch North Adams MA 

Æ04 Marie North Adams MA 

Æ05 Geoff Hinsdale MA 

Æ06 Louise Becket MA 

Æ08 Ron Stephentown NY 

Æ012 Marie Pittsfield MA 

Æ018 Bill Becket MA 

Æ000 Paul Springfield MA 

Æ174* Stu "’’duplicate # w/174 Joe” Pittsfield MA 

Æ180* Wayne ‘"duplicate #w/180 Bennie” Clarksville TN 

ÆW.M.300 Jim "Whiskey Mike 300" Pittsfield MA


Æ1 Cori Washington MA 

Æ2 Jim Beaverton Ml 

Æ3 Bill Pittsfield MA 

Æ4 Marie Pittsfield MA 

Æ5 Bryon Huntington MA 

Æ6 Dave Becket MA 

Æ7 Ray Ware MA 

Æ8 Helen Becket MA 

Æ9 Dave University Heights OH 

Æ10 John Greenfield Center NY 

Æ10.5 Andrea Greenfield Center NY 

Æ11 Crys University Heights OH 

Æ12 Jennifer Washington MA 

Æ13 Melissa Washington MA 

Æ14 Stella Pittsfield MA 

Æ15 Steve Pittsfield MA 

Æ16 Ray East Hawley MA 

Æ17 Ralph S. Westerlow NY 

Æ18 Roger Bennington VT 

Æ19 Louis N. Bennington VT 

Æ20 Doug Oldsmar FL 

Æ21 Joe North Adams MA 

Æ22 Kathy North Adams MA 

Æ23 Keith “Sporadic Waves" Becket MA 

Æ24 Dave Colonie NY 

Æ25 Ron North Adams MA 

Æ26 Dennis Springfield MA 

Æ27 Wayne Pittsfield MA 

Æ28 Jan Pittsfield MA 

Æ29 Paul Slingerland NY 

Æ30 Mitch Colonie NY 

Æ31 Bill Preston Hollow NY 

Æ32 Sharon North Adams MA 

Æ33 Fred Albany NY 

Æ34 Gretchen Oldsmar FL 

Æ35 Ed North Adams MA 

Æ36 Kerry Sloansville NY 

Æ37 Henry Carlisle NY 

Æ38 Matt Chesterfield MA 

Æ39 Stan Saugerties NY 

Æ40 Miranda Bennington VT 

Æ41 John Athens NY 

Æ42 Brenda Athens NY 

Æ43 Bruce Pittsfield MA 

Æ44 Jim North Adams MA 

Æ45 Rick Colonie NY 

Æ46 Webster “Cajun” Dalton MA 

Æ47 Harold North Adams MA 

Æ48 Ivy North Adams MA 

Æ49 Ron "Pinky" Cherry Plain NY 

Æ50 Ed Round Top NY 

Æ51 Mickey "flica" Cherry Plain NY 

Æ52 Skip Catskill NY 

Æ53 Kathy Catskill NY 

Æ54 Paul Middlefield MA 

Æ55 Dee Middlefield MA 

Æ56 Doug Pittsfield MA 

Æ57 Michael Adams MA 

Æ58 Tracy Adams MA 

Æ59 Chris Bennington VT 

Æ60 Todd Pittsfield MA 

Æ61 Don Saratoga Springs NY 

Æ62 Paul Easthampton MA 

Æ63 Debbie Easthampton MA 

Æ64 Mike Westsands Lake NY 

Æ65 Guy Newburgh NY 

Æ66 Mark Newburgh NY 

Æ67 Bob Sr. Troy NY 

Æ68 Chet Williamstown MA 

Æ69 Bob Jr. Latham NY 

Æ70 Dave Adams MA 

Æ71 Mike Easton NY 

Æ72 Ann Pittsfield MA 

Æ73 Mark Adams MA 

Æ74 Shaun Pittsfield MA 

Æ75 Keith Stamford VT 

Æ76 Robert Pittsfield MA 

Æ77 Craig Albany NY 

Æ78 Karen Albany NY 

Æ79 George Hudson NY 

Æ80 Terri C. South Granville NY 

Æ81 Ken East Greenbush NY 

Æ82 Brian East Schodack NY 

Æ83 Derek Adams MA 

Æ84 Fran North Adams MA 

Æ85 Cory Adams MA 

Æ86 Walt Troy NY 

Æ87 Harold “Hal" Saugerties NY 

Æ88 Paul Palmer MA 

Æ89 Brenda Palmer MA 

Æ90 Dave North Adams MA 

Æ91 Mike Sarratoga NY 

Æ92 Charlie Sarratoga NY 

Æ93 Peter Huntington MA 

Æ94 Mike Balston Spa NY 

Æ95 Shane Pittsfield MA 

Æ96 Jeff Pittsfield MA 

Æ97 Tim Malta NY 

Æ98 Dave Pittsfield MA 

Æ98.5 Doris Pittsfield MA 

Æ99 Ed Bradalbin NY 

Æ100 Jeff Monson MA 

Æ101 Loui Florida MA 

Æ102 Gary Queensbury NY 

Æ103 Chuck Buskirk NY 

Æ104 Chip Florida MA 

Æ105 John Salisbury CT 

Æ105.5 Lucile Salisbury CT 

Æ106 John Chicopee MA 

Æ107 Dave Westfield MA 

Æ108 TJ Broadalbin NY 

Æ109 Bill Middleburgh NY 

Æ110 Larry Middleburgh NY 

Æ111 Joe North Easton NY 

Æ112 Earle Peru MA 

Æ113 Mike Adams MA 

Æ114 Chad Buskirk NY 

Æ115 Don Catskill NY 

Æ116 Willey Millerton NY 

Æ117 Scott Agawam MA 

Æ118 Dave Hancock MA 

Æ119 Denise Hancock MA 

Æ120 Don Schnieders Lake NY 

Æ121 Tracy NY 

Æ122 Richard NY 

Æ123 Brian Schodack NY 

Æ124 Wayne NY 

Æ125 Rich NY 

Æ126 Don NY 

Æ126.5 Anne NY 

Æ127 Bill Adams MA 

Æ128 Walt Windsor CT 

Æ128.5 Sandy Windsor CT 

Æ129 Wayne NY 

Æ130 Joe NY 

Æ131 Harry Buckland NY 

Æ132 John Millerton NY 

Æ133 Brian North Adams MA 

Æ134 Dan NY 

Æ135 Craig Ghent NY 

Æ136 Shane NY 

Æ137 Ed NY 

Æ138 Rich Schnieders Lake NY 

Æ139 Ron Haynesfalls NY 

Æ140 Joe Ancra NY 

Æ141 Kevin Austeralitz NY 

Æ142 Tom Nassau NY 

Æ143 Dick Heldaburgh NY 

Æ144 Harry Thatcher NY 

Æ145 Mike Clarksville NY 

Æ146 Don Richmond MA 

Æ147 Rick Pittsfield MA 

Æ148 Bill Bennington VT 

Æ149 Al NY 149.5 Robin NY 

Æ150 Stan Adams MA 

Æ151 Jack Hinsdale MA 

Æ152 Dennis East Hampton MA 

Æ153 Brian East Greenbush NY 

Æ154 Dave North Adams MA 

Æ155 Bill North Adams MA 

Æ156 Todd Adams MA 

Æ157 Matt North Adams MA 

Æ158 Joe Wilbraham MA 

Æ159 Mike Haynes Falls NY 

Æ160 Russ Bennington VT 

Æ161 Carl North Adams MA 

Æ162 Karen Westfield MA 

Æ163 Scott Westfield MA 

Æ164 Chris Troy NY 

Æ165 Lou NY 

Æ166 Sue NY 

Æ167 Jim Greenfield MA 

Æ168 Joe Greenfield MA 

Æ169 Michelle Greenfield MA 

Æ170 Tom Clarksburg NY 

Æ171 Karen Bennington VT 

Æ172 Danny Clarksburg NY 

Æ173 Phil North Adams MA 

Æ174 Joe Hinsdale NH 

Æ175 Laurie Hinsdale NH 

Æ176 Rob Hinsdale NH 

Æ177 Bruce Fonda NY 

Æ178 Melissa Fonda NY 

Æ179 Carl Turners Falls MA 

Æ180 Bennie Pittsfield MA 

Æ181 Wes Pittsfield MA 

Æ182 Randy Adams MA 

Æ183 Peter Longmeadow MA 

Æ184 Larry Charlton MA 

Æ185 Bruce Adams MA 

Æ186 Jerry Bennington VT 

Æ187 Bill Irving NY 

Æ188 Lincoln North Adams MA 

Æ189 Hal Turners Falls MA 

Æ190 Tim North Adams MA 

Æ191 Devon Huntington MA 

Æ192 Mike East Schodack NY 

Æ193 Jennifer Huntington MA 

Æ194 Teresa PownalVT 

Æ195 Shad PownalVT 

Æ196 Joe Bennington VT 

Æ197 Ron Cheshire MA 

Æ198 Rick Bennington VT 

Æ199 Joe Adams MA 

Æ200 Mark Bennington VT 

Æ201 Debbie Bennington VT 

Æ202 Bob Pittsfield MA 

Æ203 Jim Pittsfield MA 

Æ204 Rit Pittsfield MA 

Æ205 Dan Eaglebridge NY 

Æ206 Scott Eaglebridge NY 

Æ207 Larry Bennington VT 

Æ208 Glenn Westfield MA 

Æ209 Tom North Adams MA 

Æ210 Adam Russell MA 

Æ211 Marcel Chicopee MA 

Æ212 Cindy Bennington VT 

Æ213 Ken North Adams MA 

Æ214 Larry Jr. Bennington VT 

Æ215 Ken Shaftsbury VT 

Æ216 Bob Pittsfield MA 

Æ217 Alfred Boston MA 

Æ218 Steve Bennington VT 

Æ219 Alisa Shaftsbury VT 

Æ220 George Bennington VT 

Æ221 Jennifer Bennington VT 

Æ222 Steve Bennington VT 

Æ223 Ashley Bennington VT 

Æ224 Stephanie Bennington VT 

Æ225 Dustin Bennington VT 

Æ226 Jessica Bennington VT 

Æ227 Rob Bennington VT 

Æ228 Ariana Bennington VT 

Æ229 Dennis Bennington VT 

Æ230 Hilda Bennington VT 

Æ231 Louis Bennington VT 

Æ232 Sharia Bennington VT 

Æ233 Tim Bennington VT 

Æ234 TJ Bennington VT 

Æ235 Danny Bennington VT 

Æ236 Matt Bennington VT 

Æ237 Dave Pittsfield MA 

Æ238 Tom Weathersfield CT 

Æ239 Mike “NES 01” Moosup CT 

Æ240 Tony Bennington VT 

Æ241 Ed North Adams MA 

Æ242 Shawn Hoosic Falls NY 

Æ243 Brian Bennington VT 

Æ244 Al North Adams MA 

Æ245 Paul Marlboro MA 

Æ246 Chuck Edenburg NY 

Æ247 Charles North Adams MA 

Æ248 Bill Montague MA 

Æ249 Stan Montague MA 

Æ250 Jim North Bennington VT 

Æ251 Rob North Cancanet NY 

Æ252 Pam Bennington VT 

Æ253 Larry Bennington VT 

Æ254 Ned Greenfield MA 

Æ255 Tala Bennington VT 

Æ256 Bill Scotia NY 

Æ257 Chuck NorthfieldCT 

Æ258 Beverly North Adams MA 

Æ259 Jake Glensville NY 

Æ260 Bill Pownal VT 

Æ261 Mike "Near Johnstown" NY 

Æ262 Adam Bennington VT 

Æ263 CJ Bennington VT 

Æ264 Dan Bennington VT 

Æ265 Tami Bennington VT 

Æ266 Merideth Bennington VT 

Æ267 George Bennington VT 

Æ268 Rick Bennington VT 

Æ269 Doug Turners Falls MA 

Æ270 Jean Pownal VT 

Æ271 Doug "CVS ? 004" Ticonderoga NY 

Æ272 Dave "CVS - 001" Ticonderoga NY 

Æ273 Craig "CVS - 015" Ticonderoga NY 

Æ274 Amanda Shaftsbury VT 

Æ275 Henry Granville NY 

Æ276 Rendan Brandon VT 

Æ277 Dave Bristol CT 

Æ278 Kevin Plainville CT 

Æ279 Mark Wolcott CT 

Æ280 Wayne East Hartford CT 

Æ281 Don Wendel MA 

Æ282 Joe Plainville CT 

Æ283 Cliff “Skip Master-1999” Plainville CT 

Æ284 Ken Southington CT 

Æ285 Shane Brimfield CT 

Æ286 Al Eastburn NY 

Æ287 Gary Leyden MA 

Æ288 Joe Bristol CT 

Æ289 Leon Winchester CT 

Æ290 Dan Chicopee MA 

Æ291 Rick Bristol CT 

Æ292 Steve Vernon CT 

Æ293 Crystal Plainville CT 

Æ294 Michael Pittsfield MA 

Æ295 Harold Greenfield Center NY 

Æ296 Arnie Hoosic Falls NY 

Æ297 Jamie Keene NH 

Æ298 Bill Ticonderoga NY 

Æ299 Bob Cheshire MA 

Æ300 Kathy Cheshire MA 

Æ301 Steve Accord NY 

Æ302 Mike Bennington VT 

Æ303 Dorothy Bennington VT 

Æ304 Bruce Bennington VT 

Æ305 Tim Williamstown MA 

Æ306 Paul Williamstown MA 

Æ307 Harold Glenns Falls NY 

Æ308 Hank Bristol CT 

Æ309 Matt Bristol CT 

Æ310 Dick Grafton NY 

Æ311 Dave Pittsfield MA 

Æ312 Bill North Adams MA 

Æ313 David East Berne NY 

Æ314 Chris Bennington VT 

Æ315 Pam Bennington VT 

Æ316 Dave Bakerville CT 

Æ317 George Berlin CT 

Æ318 Anthony Hartford NY 

Æ319 Bob Newington CT 

Æ320 Porter W. Pawlet VT 

Æ321 Mark W. Swanzey NH 

Æ322 Pete "Froggy #1" Red Oak OK 

Æ323 Travis Central Village CT 

Æ324 Carl Pittsfield MA 

Æ325 Art Pittsfield MA 

Æ326 Tom Ravina NY 

Æ327 Ray Walloomsac NY 

Æ328 Jeff Jewett City CT 

Æ329 Scott Eastford CT 

Æ330 Ed Alton Rl 

Æ331 Michelle Pawcatuck CT 

Æ332 Tom Pawcatuck CT 

Æ333 John Cobbleskill NY 

Æ334 Bill Cherry Plaines NY 

Æ335 John Plainfield CT 

Æ336 Ryan Stafford CT 

Æ337 Rod Dannemora NY 

Æ338 Rocky Bunnell FL 

Æ339 John “6 X-Ray 01” Oxford MA 

Æ340 Sue Moosup CT 

Æ341 Tim Granville NY 

Æ342 Brian Granville NY 

Æ343 Jock “CB Scene PopComm” Troy NY 

Æ344 Mike Pawling NY 

Æ345 George Eastford CT 

Æ346 Dan Keene NH 

Æ347 Walt Griswald CT 

Æ348 Tony Bennington VT 

Æ349 Bruce Westport NY 

Æ350 Frank Bristol CT 

Æ351 Stephany Pownal VT 

Æ352 Mike Philadelphia NY 

Æ353 Charles Hartford CT 

Æ354 Jerry Terryville CT 

Æ355 Ed Naugatuck CT 

Æ356 Ken Southbury CT 

Æ357 Eric Bristol CT 

Æ358 Gerry Griswald CT 

Æ359 Barry Hebron NY 

Æ360 Ralph Glastonbury CT 

Æ361 Steve Bozrah CT 

Æ362 Jim Bennington VT 

Æ363 Dave Hudson Falls NY 

Æ364 Laurie Bristol CT 

Æ365 Don New Britain CT 

Æ366 Walt Bristol CT 

Æ367 Ted Amherst MA 

Æ368 Normand Coventry Rl 

Æ369 Bill Naugatuck CT 

Æ370 Brian Fairfield CT 

Æ371 Jim Plainville CT 

Æ372 Dan Ticonderoga NY 

Æ373 Fred Ticonderoga NY 

Æ374 Silvia Ticonderoga NY 

Æ375 Tony East Durham NY 

Æ376 Phil Stephentown NY 

Æ377 Ron Bristol CT 

Æ378 Jim Manchester CT 

Æ379 Fred Chester MA 

Æ380 Roger Bristol CT 

Æ381 Chad Bristol CT 

Æ382 Bill North Adams MA 

Æ383 Mark Bristol CT 

Æ384 John Glastonbury CT 

Æ385 Stump Albany TX 

Æ386 Lemar Huntington TX 

Æ387 Warren Canton CT 

Æ388 Mike Meriden CT 

Æ389 Keith East Hartford CT 

Æ390 Joel West Point NE 

Æ391 Bob Winters CA 

Æ392 Art Martinsburg WV 

Æ393 Chris Chaumont NY 

Æ394 Steve Vacaville CA 

Æ395 Jim Vacaville CA 

Æ396 Russell Welling OK 

Æ397 Angelo St. Charles MO 

Æ398 Frankie Ft. Cambell KY 

Æ399 Thomas Lansing Ml 

Æ400 Ron Brady TX 

Æ401 Bob Pulaski NY 

Æ402 Gary South Hannibal NY 

Æ403 Don Topeka KS 

Æ404 Jim Fairfield CA 

Æ405 Gary Allendale CA 

Æ406 Andy Las Vegas NV 

Æ407 Juan Las Vegas NV 

Æ408 Ron Wahalla Ml 

Æ409 Rob Mackay Australia AU 

Æ410 Barry Merseyside United Kingdom GB 

Æ411 Carl Hollywood AL 

Æ412 Dee Hollywood AL 

Æ413 Andrew Manchester England GB 

Æ414 Jason Oakdale MN 

Æ415 John Centerville VA 

Æ416 Clyde Olympia WA 

Æ417 Nathaniel Shreveport LA 

Æ418 Ed Janesville Wl 

Æ419 Chris Houston TX 

Æ420 Bob Omaha NE 

Æ421 Steve Gulfport MS 

Æ422 Rev. Michael "Soda Pop" Glen Cove ME 

Æ423 John Unicoi TN 

Æ424 David Lawndale NC 

Æ425 John Russellville AR 

Æ426 Michelle Russellville AR 

Æ427 Andrew Phoenix AR 

Æ428 Stephen Point Pleasant NJ 

Æ429 Brian Nanticoke PA 

Æ430 Jim Carthage NY 

Æ431 Ron Nanticoke PA 

Æ432 Nick Adelaide S. Australia AU 

Æ433 Mark Corning IA 

Æ434 Juan Naples FL 

Æ435 Cheryl Ft. Madison IA 

Æ436 Marvin Ft. Madison IA 

Æ437 Kirk Watertown NY 

Æ438 Alex Bleiswijk Netherlands NL 

Æ439 Chris Elizabeth CO 

Æ440 Doug Berwick ME 

Æ441 Ron Leavenworth KS 

Æ442 Larry Mojave Desert CA 

Æ443 Brian Phoenix AZ 

Æ444 Stewart Glasgow Scotland GB 

Æ445 Bert Oosterhout N. BR. Holland NL 

Æ446 Chris House Springs MO 

Æ447 Bryn Creswell England GB 

Æ448 Bowtie Anchorage AK 

Æ449 Van Cromberg CA 

Æ450 Noel Yonkers NY 

Æ451 Chuck Vero Beach FL 

Æ452 Michael Lancaster MA 

Æ453 Bill North Adams MA 

Æ454 Fred Mojave Desert CA 

Æ454.5 Gina Mojave Desert CA 

Æ455 Gunnar Gohtenburg Sweden SE 

Æ456 Mike Frankfort NY 

Æ457 Gary Brea CA 

Æ458 Tony Zebulon NC 

Æ459 R.J. Waterloo IL 

Æ460 David Fabius NY 

Æ461 Wayne Oklahoma City OK 

Æ462 H. Panggabean N. Sumatra Indonesia IDO 

Æ463 Daniel Phoenix AZ 

Æ464 Geoff Surrey BC Canada CAN 

Æ465 Wally Rijeka Croatia HR 

Æ466 Joseph Maspeth NY 

Æ467 Ciaran Bangor Co. Dn. N. Ireland IE 

Æ468 Fernando Nogales AZ 

Æ469 Harry Delray Beach FL 

Æ470 Craig Albuqueque NM 

Æ471 Richard Sumas WA 

Æ472 Clyde Rockmart GA 

Æ473 Chad Orange City FL 

Æ474 William New York City NY 

Æ475 Brandon Scottsville KY 

Æ476 Ron Lost City WV 

Æ477 Matthew McArthur CA 

Æ478 William Decorah IA 

Æ479 Mike Springfield MA 

Æ480 John Maastricht Netherlands NL 

Æ481 Edward Lapeer Ml 

Æ482 Joseph Dunedin FL 

Æ483 David Franklin OH 

Æ484 Charles Monessen PA 

Æ485 Juan Cape Canaveral FL 

Æ486 Madison Jasper AL 

Æ487 Ronald Bend OR 

Æ488 Marc Evensville IN 

Æ489 Tad Bedford MA 

Æ490 Jerome Kenly NC 

Æ491 Jim Fort Bragg CA 

Æ492 Lamont Indianapolis IN 

Æ493 Jim Taunton MA 

Æ494 Mike Crystal Falls Ml 

Æ495 Keith McClure OH 

Æ496 David Paducah KY 

Æ497 Herminio Elizabeth NJ 

Æ498 Mike St. Charles IL 

Æ499 Forest Ames IA 

Æ500 Kevin St. Peters MO 

Æ501 Aaron Albany GA 

Æ502 Matt Coos Bay OR 

Æ503 William Nashville TN 

Æ504 Heather Tallahassee FL 

Æ505 Paul Portsmouth NH 

Æ506 Tom Racine Wl 

Æ507 Richard Battle Creek Ml 

Æ508 Rev. Ronald Chicago IL 

Æ509 Steven Jr. Arvin CA 

Æ510 Jimmy Ashland City TN 

Æ511 Steven Sr. Arvin CA 

Æ512 Paul Warwick Rl 

Æ513 Butch Waverly IA 

Æ514 Jamey Chapin SC 

Æ515 Stephen San Diego CA 

Æ516 Joseph Westland Ml 

Æ517 Gary Adelaide South Australia AU 

Æ518 Mark Des Moines IA 

Æ519 Ray Northern Ml 

Æ520 Raymond Pasadena TX 

Æ521 Art Denver CO 

Æ522 Russ Mojave CA 

Æ523 Grady Cookeville TN 

Æ524 Steve Macon GA 

Æ525 Boris Yalta Crimea Ukraine 

Æ526 Bruce Bakersfield CA 

Æ527 Roger Henderson NV 

Æ528 Bret Springdale AZ 

Æ529 Robert Ridge Spring SC 

Æ530 Allen Cardington OH 

Æ531 Daniel Vada GA 

Æ532 Danny "360 Budweiser" Tempe AZ 

Æ533 Debbie "9925" Newfoundland Canada 

Æ534 Josh Southern OR 

Æ535 James "sk8er" Southern OR 

Æ536 Atoka "105 mobile" Ft.Worth TX 

Æ537 Jim Erhard MN 

Æ538 Joe "ip51" Sheffield England GB 

Æ539 Scooter "KB1FFT" Colrain MA 

Æ540 Guido P.V.Terceira-Azores Portugal PT 

Æ541 Dave "PV02" Bournemouth Dorset U.K. GB 

Æ542 Robert Canton OH 

Æ543 Dave Hull United Kingdom GB 

Æ544 Beltway Virginia Beach VA 

Æ545 Bob "3120" Chicago IL 

Æ546 Tim "KP82" South EastTX 

Æ547 Joe "MD420" San Antonio TX 

Æ548 Todd “460” Castro Valley CA 

Æ549 Mike "Evergreen 549" Washington 

Æ550 Rick Green Sea SC 

Æ551 Phil Hatfield Herts United Kingdom GB 

Æ552 Johnny New York NY 

Æ553 Doug Glen Burnie MD 

Æ554 Dan "108 DD67" Scotland GB 

Æ555 Michael Greenbay Wl 

Æ556 Ben Bartow FL 

Æ557 Doug Sandy UT 

Æ558 Richard Copake NY 

Æ559 Nathan "Countrybum 266" 

Æ560 Kevin Newport Wales UK GB 

Æ561 Tim Palatka FL 

Æ562 Louie Port Jervis NY 

Æ563 Jerry "Cameleon" Oakland Park FL 

Æ564 Duncan Manchester England GB 

Æ565 Lou Cohoes NY 565.5 Cathy Cohoes NY 

Æ566 Tim "FLA 555" Niceville FL 

Æ567 Steve Florence MS 

Æ568 Dwight Fair Grove MO 

Æ569 Steve Rockford IL 

Æ570 Hery DP Madiun Jawa Timur Indonesia IDO 

Æ571 Robert "Nightwolf" Klamath Falls OR 

Æ572 Andy Nottingham England GB 

Æ573 Steven Clarksville TN 

Æ574 Doug "SSB#06 KARK-3175" Clarksville IN 

Æ575 Stephen “American Eagle 575” Bellefonte PA 

Æ576 Bob "MGD" Kettering OH 

Æ577 Bill Jr. San Antonio TX 

Æ578 Jim "489" San Bernardino CA 

Æ579 Frank "441" Chicago IL 

Æ580 Gary German Valley IL 

Æ581 Steve Wallinton NJ 

Æ582 Charles Bristol TN 

Æ583 Dwight Utica NY 

Æ584 Greg Grayslake IL 

Æ585 Brendan "CAV101" Delhi NY 

Æ586 Rick Grannis AR 

Æ587 Dave Hamilton Ontario Canada 

Æ588 Philip PiquaOH 

Æ589 Blake "Red Dragon" Church Hill TN 

Æ590 Simon Odense Denmark DK 

Æ591 Aaron Colorado Springs CO 

Æ592 John Amsterdam NY 

Æ593 Allen Wylie TX 

Æ594 Gregory Lisburn Co.Antrim Ireland IE 

Æ595 Vic Las Vagas NV 

Æ596 Bob Somerville NJ 

Æ597 Tom Renner SD 

Æ598 Mark Marshfield MA 

Æ599 Ken Tucson AZ 

Æ600 Glenn "KSR-5792" Ardmore OK 

Æ601 Donald Fort Mill SC 

Æ602 Alvin St. Joseph MO 602.5 Teresa St. Joseph MO 

Æ603 Felix Margate FL 

Æ604 Barry Rising Sun MD 

Æ605 John "428" St. Joseph MO 

Æ606 Greg Kissimmee FL 

Æ607 Ernie Shreve Port CA 

Æ608 Michael Roans Prarie TX 

Æ609 Kenneth "609" Mars Hill NC 

Æ610 Christopher Piqua OH 

Æ611 Thomas Glasgow Scotland GB 

Æ612 Ben "SSB 111F" Rosenberg TX 

Æ613 Jeremy Dexter OR 

Æ614 Phineas "KPH136" St. Louis MO 

Æ615 Harold St. Joseph MO 

Æ616 Joe "RTT101" Nova Scotia Canada 

Æ617 David Pheonix AZ 

Æ618 Candace St. Joseph MO 

Æ619 Mike "1025" St. Joseph MO 

Æ620 Clas "21 SW e006" Sammakko Nbtn Sweden SE 

Æ621 John Cocoa Beach FL 

Æ622 Sue St. Joseph MO 

Æ623 Rich Jr. Minneapolis MN 

Æ624 Anthony Albuquerque NM 

Æ625 William Monrow NH 

Æ626 Anothny Belen NM 

Æ627 Michael Des Moines IA 

Æ628 David "2id 102" Greenwood Wl 

Æ629 Jim Palm Coast FL 

Æ630 Karl Tasmania Australia AU 

Æ631 William Clanton AL 

Æ632 Randy "217" Clovis NM 

Æ633 Dan Centerville TN 

Æ634 Fred "584" Calera AL 

Æ635 Brian Dingmans Ferry PA 

Æ636 James "KF4ESA" Corbin KY 

Æ637 Stan "467" Huntington Beach CA 

Æ638 Dave Springfield MO 

Æ639 Shaw Franklin NH 

Æ640 Jason "Hoss" Kingsford Heights IN 

Æ641 Robert Ashland VA 

Æ642 Linda "616" Huntington Beach CA 

Æ643 Tim St. Joseph MO 

Æ644 Don Burnet TX 

Æ645 Rob "531" Stafford Springs CT 

Æ646 Paul "Lost Coz" Rapid City SD 

Æ647 Rob "1658" Kirklin IN 

Æ648 John Omaha NE 

Æ649 Charly Pepperell MA 

Æ650 Jack Monroe GA 

Æ651 Harry "131" San Antonio TX 

Æ652 Gil Dover NJ 

Æ653 Glenn Marlboro NY 

Æ654 Andy Nottingham England GB 

Æ655 Tony Downers Grove IL 

Æ656 Dave Alamogordo NM 

Æ657 Gary Thomaston CT 

Æ658 Sherman "Keweenaw 17" Houghton Ml 

Æ659 Richard Spokane WA 

Æ660 Brian Moorhead MN 

Æ661 Robert Port Charlotte FL 

Æ662 Kendall St. Joseph MO 

Æ663 Daniele "1 WM 160" Latina Italia IT 

Æ664 Brian "Greenacres" Green Camp OH 

Æ665 Larry Victoria TX 

Æ666 Nobody Wants This One... 

Æ667 Bob "Whiskey 527" Charlottesville VA 

Æ668 Billy Russellville KY 

Æ669 Donnie New Waterford Nova Scotia Canada 

Æ670 Aidan Portlaoise Ireland IE 

Æ671 James Ashland IL 

Æ672 Jim Portlaoise Laois Ireland IE 

Æ673 Richard "445 Mississippi" Clarksdale MS 

Æ674 Shane "KSAD04083" Springvale ME 

Æ675 Mike Long Beach CA 

Æ676 Mike "AC7JX" Yelm WA 

Æ677 Dan "Southpaw" Bald Knob AR 

Æ678 Skyler St. Joseph MO 

Æ679 Joe Wilbraham MA 

Æ680 Graham "26 SW 766" Caine Wiltshire England GB 

Æ681 Tom Castlebar County Mayo Ireland IE 

Æ682 Clay Mansfield TX 

Æ683 Ray "605" Sandown NH 

Æ684 Jim Metawan NJ 

Æ685 Fabian Longchamps Argentina 

Æ686 Anders Gothenburg Sweden SE 

Æ687 Chris Stow OH 

Æ688 Derek Limavady Northern Ireland IE 

Æ689 Jack Moundsville WV 

Æ690 George "Mox 115" Warkworth Aukland New Zealand NZ 

Æ691 Nestor Vancouver Brittish Colubia Canada 

Æ692 Adraste Ghislaine French Winward Islands Guadeloupe GP 

Æ693 Tommy Hayden AL 

Æ694 Wes Mukilteo WA 

Æ695 Ron "Bluethunder 118" Groton NY 

Æ696 Brian Stephenville Newfoundland Canada 

Æ697 Sean "KD4ADV" Amelia VA 

Æ698 Ronnie "M084" Marble Hill MO 

Æ699 Ken "#200" El Paso TX 

Æ700 Mark "715" Akron OH 

Æ701 Paul "Flat Top" Cuyahoga Falls OH 

Æ702 Albertus Malang - Jawa Timur Indonesia IDO 

Æ703 Frequenzbesen Salzkotten Germany DE 

Æ704 Ann "Sleepy Eyes 114" Groton NY 

Æ705 Matt "KC8KEK" Brainbridge Township OH 

Æ706 Jack Latrobe PA 

Æ707 Tony Shepherdsville KY 

Æ708 Richard "KSC4CP" Lugoff SC 

Æ709 Charlie Vinita “Craig County” OK 

Æ710 Ed Raleigh NC 

Æ711 Rona Victoria TX 

Æ712 Bobbie Bridgeport CT 

Æ713 Art Ambler PA 

Æ714 Ronnie Sta. Rosa Laguna Philippines PH 

Æ715 Shaun Shawnee OK 

Æ716 Mike Schenectady NY 

Æ717 Ken “Roadrunner 02” Maitland Australia 

Æ718 Jim Howes Cave NY 

Æ719 Jim Elk Grove Village IL 

Æ720 Darrell Eau Claire Wl 

Æ721 Shawna Eau Claire Wl 

Æ722 Stuart "Mox 722" Nelson New Zealand NZ 

Æ723 Romeo London Ontario Canada 

Æ724 Dave Dixon MO 

Æ725 Jim "Roadrunner" Garnett KS 

Æ726 Carl Duryea PA 

Æ727 Jim Lake Station Ml 

Æ728 Frank Angier NC 

Æ729 John Alexandria VA 

Æ730 Andy Sudbury Ontario Canada 

Æ731 William New Port Richey FL 

Æ732 Bill "KATA6910" Powell TN 

Æ733 Karen Sheffield England GB 

Æ734 Paul Perth WA Australia AU 

Æ735 Jeff Wolcott CT 

Æ736 Erik San Diego CA 

Æ737 Steve Daphne AL 

Æ738 Jerry “Cranky” Statesville NC 

Æ739 Chuck Cynthiana KY 

Æ740 Wu "Doctor" Fuzhou Fujian China CN 

Æ741 Markus Lubeck Schleswig-Holstein Germany DE 

Æ742 Roy "Unit 22 “Telephoneman” Homosassa Springs FL 

Æ743 Dave "2CM3997" Milan IL 

Æ744 Kathy "2CM4269" Milan IL 

Æ745 Caner B.Cekmece-lstanbul Turkey TR 

Æ746 Darrell "Unit 707" Richmond VA 

Æ747 Jason "Red River" Taunton MA 

Æ748 Leonard "Black Cowboy" Wichita KS 

Æ749 Preston "KDO 5508" Princeton TX 

Æ750 Garry "Insider" Snellville GA 

Æ751 Jeff "Jeffro" New Vienna OH 

Æ752 Scott "Bow" Houston TX 

Æ753 Lee "165" Norwood MA 

Æ754 Jason Ashland NE 

Æ755 Robert "Iceman" East Meadow NY 

Æ756 Michael "TW13" Triesen Principality of Liechtenstein LI 

Æ757 Wayne "Wildman" Secane PA 

Æ758 Jim "Sargent" Dublin Republic of Ireland IE 

Æ759 Buck "Slowpoke" Marion IA 

Æ760 Sandy "2 CM 4266" Milan IL 

Æ761 Subas Kuala Lumpur Malaysia MY 

Æ762 Joe "226" Philadelphia PA 

Æ763 Bruce "SeaWolf" Mt. Vernon IN 

Æ764 Scott "931" Warragul Victoria Australia AU 

Æ765 Riccardo "1KL001" Albizzate Varese Italy IT 

Æ766 Paul "GWOGVQ" South Wales United Kingdom GB 

Æ767 John "Mr. Clean" Andrews TX 

Æ768 Pieter "19AA000" AalsmeerThe Netherlands NL 

Æ769 Dale "Hi Rise" Amanda OH 

Æ770 Tracy Vista CA 

Æ771 Garry "2SF3613" Arlington WA 

Æ772 David "The Professor" Somerset KY 

Æ773 Steven "Chemist" Franklinville NJ 

Æ774 Bob Barrie Ontario Canada 

Æ775 Ruby "RC" Cibolo TX 

Æ776 Mat "NWO-629" Wonthaggi Victoria Australia AU 

Æ777 Rico "777" Reading MA 

Æ778 John "Unit 360" Toronto Ontario Canada 

Æ779 Tom "Greyghost" Myrtle Beach SC 

Æ780 Larry "324" Hinesville GA 

Æ781 Breck "Coax-Bender 117" Branson MO 

Æ782 John "Screaming Eagle" Kirksville MO 

Æ783 Michael "Nightowl" North Las Vegas NV 

Æ784 Ante "CB Petko “328 SU 035” Sibenik Rep. of Croatia 

Æ785 Gary "Knightman" Eagan MN 

Æ786 Andrew "Big Daddy 42" Long Island NY 

Æ787 Bart "Leprechan" Springfield MO 

Æ788 Gary "Lightening" Clarksdale MS 

Æ789 Ancil "501/Sheriff" Trinidad “158 Div” TT 

Æ790 David "The Animal" Edgewood MD 

Æ791 Alan "10 WL10" Ponte Vedra Beach FL 

Æ792 Martyn "Bearcat “108 SF 356" Edinburgh Scotland GB 

Æ793 Dale "Fuzz" Amanda OH 

Æ794 Ron "Yankee Boy 323" Fountain Ml 

Æ795 Tim "NY 421 November Yankee" Rensselaer NY 

Æ796 Cindy "690" Albany NY 

Æ797 Mark "Bear" Waskom TX 

Æ798 Chuck "NM 680" Las Cruces NM 

Æ799 John "KLG 4977" San Diego CA 

Æ800 Jim "Fish Hook" Annandale VA 

Æ801 Tommy "457" Orlando FL 

Æ802 Steve "KF6AQR" Tujunga CA 

Æ803 John "161" Brooklyn NY 

Æ804 Johnnie Panama City FL 

Æ805 Tedy "YD6LLU" Medan Sumatra Indonesia ID 

Æ806 John Zanesville OH 

Æ807 Sam "291" Indianola MS 

Æ808 John "Wronskinator" Reynoldsburg OH 

Æ809 Jan "19 CM 4106" Deventer The Netherlands 

Æ810 Eric "Renegade 1" Wareham MA 

Æ811 George "153NC" Timberlake NC 

Æ812 Jonathon "747" Merritt Island FL 

Æ813 Eric “Extreme” North Conway NH

Æ814 Dave "Green Arrow" Rock Springs WY 

Æ815 James Center Point TX 

Æ816 Micky "The Donk" Coleraine Northern Ireland 

Æ817 Bruce "Hacksaw" Rock Island IL 

Æ818 Rich "#684" KeyserWV 

Æ819 Dickie"#854" KeyserWV 

Æ820 Ryan "F1" Parma MO 

Æ821 Marciso "CB 249" Rio Rico AZ 

Æ822 Kelly "822" Derby KS 

Æ823 Opal "Triple H" St. Joseph MO 

Æ824 Maggie "Summer Rose" St. Joseph MO 

Æ825 Richard "26 TX 007" Boston Lines England GB 

Æ826 Alain "16 SD 135" Dison Lie'ge Belgium BE 

Æ827 Frederick "Big Jag M.U. 285" Volverhamton UK GB 

Æ828 Craig "KF4NCC" Old Hickory TN 

Æ829 Antonio "1 RD 001" Forli Italy IT 

Æ830 Bill "401" Congers NY 

Æ831 Charles Millbury MA 

Æ832 Matthias "13IR 045" Ludwigshafen R-Pfalz Germany DE 

Æ833 Jim "99 F" Perth Western Australia AU 

Æ834 Carry "Kings Kid “Double K” Magnolia TX 

Æ835 Rick "KAPF-6434" Springfield MA 

Æ836 Jim "Fisherman" Greenville MS 

Æ837 Lawrence "Ponyboy" Conklin NY 

Æ838 James "Cowboy 671" Ashland IL 

Æ839 Jason "KB3FZJ" Lock Haven PA 

Æ840 David "Rodriguez" Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico MX 

Æ841 Roy "042" Delevan NY 

Æ842 Steve "Wireman" Newmarket Suffolk England GB 

Æ843 Bill Somerset TX 

Æ844 Jeff Flint Ml 

Æ845 Jim "425" Kiowa CO 

Æ846 Jason "Jay" Acton Ontario Canada 

Æ847 Edward "551" Cumberland ME 

Æ848 John "Cannonball" Pottsville PA 

Æ849 John "956" luka MS 

Æ850 Gabriel Miami FL 

Æ851 Andrew "Alpha Charlie 15" Nottingham England GB 

Æ852 Ron "2218" Berkeley CA 

Æ853 Ronn "5817" Sacramento CA 

Æ854 Jim "854" Watertown NY 

Æ855 Richard "162 NE Kansas" Holton KS 

Æ856 Budi "YC3TUP" Halang - East Jana - Indonesia ID 

Æ857 Justin "Delta 4725" Littleton CO 

Æ858 Bob "Woody Woodpecker" Starke FL 

Æ859 George "KC7HKP" Vancouver WA 

Æ860 Tyler "Blackbear" Edmond OK 

Æ861 LUC "16IR 003" Oostende-Vest Vlaanderen Belgium BE 

Æ862 Jim "Unit 625 Arizona" Queen Creek AZ 

Æ863 Alfons Keningau - Sabah Malaysia 

Æ864 Randy "Chopper" Tionesta PA 

Æ865 David "148" Notsayin KY 

Æ866 John "Bama" Akron OH 

Æ867 John "369" Toronto Ontario Canada 

Æ868 Randy "2 KS 010" Augusta KS 

Æ869 Bob "Bone Crusher - 216" Elkhart IN 

Æ870 Jerry "Crumblin Cookie" Lake Elsinore CA 

Æ871 Skip "Snap Shot" Modesto CA 

Æ872 Todd Gonzales LA 

Æ873 Steve "Sewer Rat" Macon GA 

Æ874 Bill "Grey Ghost" Scotia NY 

Æ875 Edward "Ed" Beaver Falls PA 

Æ876 Ralph "261 Pathfinder" Ada OK 

Æ877 Kazan "164" Royersford PA 

Æ878 Gary "Coinshooter - 555" Indianapolis IN 

Æ879 Orville "The Wanderer" Coal Valley IL 

Æ880 Reemt "DRA 202" Cologne Germany DE 

Æ881 Terry "TC" Ludlow MA 

Æ882 Erving "Pink Panther"/ "EC290" Lowell MA 

Æ883 Vincent "Jaguar" Quebec Canada 

Æ884 Jason Hooper NE 

Æ885 Matt "KC8KEK" Geauga County OH 

Æ886 Tim "The Rock" Duncaster United Kingdom GB 

Æ887 Neal "Dr. Jazz" Huntington Beach CA 

Æ888 Kalei "715" Kauai HI 

Æ889 Greg "Pegleg" Tucson AZ 

Æ890 John "J R" Belvidere IL 

Æ891 Pete "W02E" Bronx NY 

Æ892 Chuck Triadelphia WV 

Æ893 Frank "107" Benton NH 

Æ894 Al "Jarhead" Woonsocket Rl 

Æ895 Mike “Ed" Houston TX 717 

Æ896 Robert “Nashville Rebel” Olney IL 

Æ897 Rick “Hooker” AL 

Æ898 Marvin “Zebra 3” Grand Saline TX 

Æ899 Paul “ill 41” IL 

Æ900 Anthony “162’’ Atlanta GA 

Æ901 Scott “515 Stinger” Alden IA 

Æ902 Patrick “Father Time” Weirton WV 

Æ903 Steven “Radioreddz” Nanjemoy MD 

Æ904 Pete “Thunderbolt 144143SF14” Gloucester NSW Australia 

Æ905 David “Rainmaker” Worcester MA 

Æ906 Dave “Mudduck” Windsor Ontario Canada 

Æ907 Bob Waterloo IL 

Æ908 Richard “Tombstone” Bridgewater PA 

Æ909 Eric “Knightwatchman” Dallas PA 

Æ910 Karl “Spaceman” Biddeford ME 

Æ911 Robert Palm Beach FL 

Æ912 Mike “GA-Twister” Southwest GA 

Æ913 Marc “Tireman” New Brunswick Canada 

Æ914 Randy “Hambone" Webb City Ml 

Æ915 Brad “Wizzard" Cheyenne WY 

Æ916 Joe “Cowboy” Black Canyon City AZ 

Æ917 Lon “808” Bloomington IL 

Æ918 Brian “615 Rev. Dr. Duck Sauce” Smyrna TN 

Æ919 Cody “Rattler” Okmulgee OK 

Æ920 Matt “Tech 9” Columbia KY 

Æ921 Lonnie Buffalo NY 

Æ922 Roger "Double Deuce" "TX 922" Marshall TX 

Æ923 Greg North Central Ohio 

Æ924 Daniel Westbrook CT 

Æ925 Doc “Blackhawk” West Texas 

Æ926 Mike “Dark RF Overlord” Wisconsin 

Æ927 Jim “Twilight Zone" Albuquerque NM 

Æ928 Bill “2SF6951 Wyatt Earp” Columbia TN 

Æ929 Louis “Swede” Stockholm Sweden 

Æ930 Greg North Central OH 

Æ931 Michael “Channel Master 999” Decatur IL 

Æ932 Dave “Jolleyhopper” Kissimmee FL 

Æ933 James “Dakota Jr.” Fargo ND 

Æ934 Tom “Big T” Itasca IL 

Æ935 Mick “26PR007” United Kingdom 

Æ936 Mike “Captain Jack” North Adams MA 

Æ937 Ronald “Black Knight” Sacramento CA 

Æ938 Wayne “724” Clinton SC 

Æ939 Brian “Double S” NC 

Æ940 Chris “Unit 210” Levittown NY 

Æ941 Jerry “50’’ Cumberland Rl 

Æ942 Simeon “Bandit” Chemainus British Columbia Canada 

Æ943 Jon “Silver Streak" Gary IA 

Æ944 Matt “Rerun” Monroe NC 

Æ945 Terry “Nightcreature” Swansea SC 

Æ946 John “Lil John” Fort Brag CA 

Æ947 Bruce “Sleepy” New Hope MS 

Æ948 J.R. "948" Dexter NY 

Æ949 Tim “Crimson Tide” Richmond VA 

Æ950 Russell “Conan” Winchendon MA 

Æ951 Rich “Diesel” Lincoln ME 

Æ952 Paul “Crash” Hazleton PA 

Æ953 Dale “Hotrod" PA 

Æ954 Kevin “383” Columbus OH 

Æ955 Jason “355” Kingston Ontario Canada 

Æ956 Charles “Rawhide” Barbourville KY 

Æ957 James “8 Track" Sioux Falls SD 

Æ958 Ernie “Walkie Talkie” Hamilton OH 

Æ959 JR Cheyenne WY 

Æ960 David “Condor” Edinboro PA 

Æ961 Chris “Yote” Baltimore MD 

Æ962 Rhonda “Kneehigh” Grand Saline TX 

Æ963 Jerry “Signmaker” San Antonio TX 

Æ964 Jack “Triple 7" Murfreesboro TN 

Æ965 Francisco Fortaleza Ceara Brazil 

Æ966 Brian "966" Hampton VA 

Æ967 Erin “Dodgeboy” Kamloops British Columbia Canada 

Æ968 Brad “Scanman” Southern MN 

Æ969 Kenny “Doctor Kelbasa” West Haven CT 

Æ970 Robyn “Blondee” Richmond VA 

Æ971 Pete “Mr. Chips" Edmonton Alberta Canada 

Æ972 Jim “Diamond Jim” Virginia 

Æ973 Chuck “Double Nickle” Edinburgh NY 

Æ974 Neil "974" Perley MN 

Æ975 Scott “Bioman” Reading PA 

Æ976 David "976" Eav Claire Wl 

Æ977 Duane “Bigdaddy” Canada 

Æ978 Bill “Mr. Gote” Grantsville UT 

Æ979 Archie “Witch Doctor” Spencerville OH 

Æ980 Robert “935” Woodbridge VA 

Æ981 Robert “Ragin Bull" Gilbert AZ 

Æ982 Bob “Hitman” Cornin NY 

Æ983 Nathan “Nightrider” Mill Creek WV 

Æ984 Greg “77” Commerce Ml 

Æ985 Pat “BKO” Pekin IN 

Æ986 Tab “Luke Skywalker” 

Æ987 Mark “Ruger44Mag” Mesa AZ 

Æ988 “390" United States 

Æ989 Alvin “Alvin” Houston TX 

Æ990 Clyde “Tucson” Portland OR 

Æ991 John “Wheelman” Strafford NH 

Æ992 Josh “Bandit” Orland CA 

Æ993 Space Ghost East Palestine OH 

Æ994 David Mt. Holly Springs PA 

Æ995 Raymond “Pioneer 687” Adelaide South Australia 

Æ996 Gregg “Zamboni” Clarksburg WV 

Æ997 Pete “Skywalker" Grover Beach CA 

Æ998 Mike “303” Elk Grove CA 

Æ999 DBoone Belleview FL 

Æ1000 John “Metalmaker" Walton KY 

Æ1001 Frank Reno NV 

Æ1002 Richie “Undertaker” Lyman SC 

Æ1003 Mike “Livewire” Beachwood NJ 

Æ1004 Jim “Freeloader” Clarksburg WV 

Æ1005 Midlander Cranbrook British Columbia Canada 

Æ1006 John “144” San Antonio TX 

Æ1007 Ron “Timberwolf” Roanoke VA 

Æ1008 John “Rvn-989” Ml 

Æ1009 Herbert “Bearman” Vinton VA 

Æ1010 Robert “Wesel" Carrolltown PA 

Æ1011 Kendall “Buckett" St. Joseph MO 

Æ1012 Jim “Wallbanger” Birmingham AL 

Æ1013 Bob “Bobcat” Deer ParkTX 

Æ1014 Shannon “Gizzmo Duck” Larose LA 

Æ1015 Shawn “Smokey the Bear” Prestonsburg KY 

Æ1016 Chris “The Dog” Levittown NY 

Æ1017 Joel “Silver Eagle” Westpoint NE 

Æ1018 Dave “Oldman” Crossville TN 

Æ1019 Marion “Bobby Boy” Aurora IL 

Æ1020 Wade “Midnight Eagle" IA 

Æ1021 Mike “Jupiter” Garner NC 

Æ1022 El “Ocho Nueve” New Roc NY 

Æ1023 Nathan “Littleman” Lost Creek WV 

Æ1024 Jim “Beast” Decatur IL 

Æ1025 Kevin “Red Bull” Dallas GA 

Æ1026 Buddy “Big Bud" Logansport IN 

Æ1027 Trevor “Grasshopper” Glasgow KY 

Æ1028 Bill “Billyboy” Treasure Island FL 

Æ1029 Miles Geelong Victoria Australia 

Æ1030 Cliff “Doc Holiday” Carterville MO 

Æ1031 John “Blue Dog” Kansas 

Æ1032 Marc “817” Honokaa HI 

Æ1033 Tony “Blackjack" Povoa de Lanhoso Braga Portugual 

Æ1034 Brian “3065” California 

Æ1035 Perry “Possum" East View KY 

Æ1036 Larry “Sidewheeler” La Palma CA 

Æ1037 Gregg “Swiftkick” Somerset Kentucky 

Æ1038 Raymond “Weatherman” Elmira Heights NY 

Æ1039 Jim “Dakota JR” Fargo ND 

Æ1040 Mojo Kalkaska Ml 

Æ1041 Bernie “Trapper” Reserve Mines Cape Breton Nova Scotia 

Æ1042 Jesse “Snake Charmer” Connersville IN 

Æ1043 Bill Dunbar WV 

Æ1044 Allen “Alleycat” Saginaw Ml 

Æ1045 Mark “Weasel” East Detroit Ml 

Æ1046 Danny “Orion” Port Hueneme CA 

Æ1047 Steve “Jalepeno" Henderson NV 

Æ1048 Dave “Wizard” Kansas City MO 

Æ1049 Amy “Scooby” Saginaw Ml 

Æ1050 Rich Ml 

Æ1051 John “Silver Bullet” USA 

Æ1052 Bret “Midget” Cheyenne WY 

Æ1053 Richard “Radioman” Clarksdale MS 

Æ1054 Dustin “Navigator” Sherman TX 

Æ1055 Thunderbolt Levittown PA 

Æ1056 Michael “Hillbilly” Marionville MO 

Æ1057 Phillip “Jepsie" North Hero VT 

Æ1058 Chuck “Moonshine” Valliant OK 

Æ1059 Steve “Double R” Augusta NJ 

Æ1060 David “Forest Gump” Indiana 

Æ1061 Kirk “Krazy K” AngletonTX 

Æ1062 John “KemoSabbe” Sparta Wl 

Æ1063 Jesse “Boogieman” Cleveland TN 

Æ1064 Bill “Reddog” Dunbar WV 

Æ1065 Michael “Ninja” Saginaw Ml 

Æ1066 Dennis “Naildriver I voi902” Cedar Falls IA 

Æ1067 Chris “JP” NY 

Æ1068 Perry “Possum” KY 

Æ1069 Paul “Walfrat” Glenwood GA 

Æ1070 George “Hercules” Brooksville FL 

Æ1071 Noel “Wildcat” North Augusta SC 

Æ1072 John “Windy" East Stroudsburg PA 

Æ1073 Richard “526” Orlando FL 

Æ1074 Trevor “TrevSkin” Dallas TX 

Æ1075 Corey “Smokes" Auburn MA 

Æ1076 Jerry “Starrider” Mitchell IN 

Æ1077 Paul “Straykat" Frederick MD 

Æ1078 Wayne “Myzor32” Wellingborough England UK 

Æ1079 Lawrence “Snoopy" Wareham MA 

Æ1080 Brandon “Stargazer” Nebo NC 

Æ1081 Shado “Shadohawk” Southern Texas 

Æ1082 Reynolds “Woodpecker” Green Sea SC 

Æ1083 Heath “Bunker Hill” Medicine Bow WY 

Æ1084 Col. Frakes “Col.” Myakka City FL 

Æ1085 Brian “Raven” Poplar Bluff MO 

Æ1086 Robert “Landlord” Eastern VA 

Æ1087 Pete “Crazzy P” Western Ireland 

Æ1088 Don “Donald Duck” Rodeo CA 

Æ1089 Ben “Merlin" Emporium PA 

Æ1090 Billy “Sideways” Tulsa OK 

Æ1091 Mike “Lumpy” Three Rivers CA 

Æ1092 Doug “Rupert” Spokane Valley WA 

Æ1093 Ron “Hillbilly Hippie" Anderson SC 

Æ1094 Jeffery “Medicine Man” Crenshaw MS 

Æ1095 Cecil “Rhode Island Red” Alamo TN 

Æ1096 Ted “Two-Seven" IA 

Æ1097 Todd “Big T” Cross Junction VA 

Æ1098 Marc “Night Rider” Sheridan WY 

Æ1099 Jim “Big Jim” Grand Junction CO 

Æ1100 James “Skipshooter 205” Joppa MD 

Æ1101 Tom “Diablo” Minneapolis MN 

Æ1102 John “Roaddogg” NY 

Æ1103 Mike “Maddog” Millville NJ 

Æ1104 Ron “Olde Timer 669” IL 

Æ1105 Larry "Mad Max” Springfield OH 

Æ1106 Tom “Dr. Tom” North Bend OR 

Æ1107 Tony “California Rebel” San Jose CA 

Æ1108 Matt “Crabber” MD 

Æ1109 Donald “Scoobydoo” Bryan OH 

Æ1110 Roy “Night Runner" Florence SC 

Æ1111 David “Sayber" Orleans MA 

Æ1112 Brenton “Thunderstruck” Port Macquarie NSW Australia 

Æ1113 Niko “Bigfoot” Madison Wl 

Æ1114 Doug “Red Bear” Grand Junction CO 

Æ1115 Don “Chain Gang” GA 

Æ1116 Don “Deuce” CO 

Æ1117 Jeffery “Mr. Jeffro” Springville AL 

Æ1118 Andy “26 SF 118” Sheffield England UK 

Æ1119 Matthew “Mud Flap” Jamestown TN 

Æ1120 Trevor “26AT273” Southampton England UK 

Æ1121 Eric “Bad Boy” Mulberry FL 

Æ1122 Oscar “Raton” Chihuahua Mexico 

Æ1123 John Lancaster PA 

Æ1124 Ed “Xray527" Harrison AR 

Æ1125 Brent “Triple 5”VA 

Æ1126 Steve “Coyotte” OH 

Æ1127 Benjamin “Fisher” Belgrade ME 

Æ1128 Utah Husker Ogden UT 

Æ1129 John “Northbound” Paris TN 

Æ1130 Mike “Big Mike” Fort Madison IA 

Æ1131 Loyd “Ducatiloyd” Lanesville IN 

Æ1132 Woody “Sierra” Wellsboro PA 

Æ1133 Steve “Trooper" Mishawaka IN 

Æ1134 Nathan “Shoestring" Valley Bend WV 

Æ1135 Joe “Joe” Guellph Ontario Canada 

Æ1136 Andy “Wiskybent” Seymour TX 

Æ1137 Bob “Milkman” Pembroke NH 

Æ1138 Tony “Dogbone" Kamiah ID 

Æ1139 David “Caveman” Fresno CA 

Æ1140 Ed “Skipshooter" Omaha NE 

Æ1141 Don “Sundown" Easton PA 

Æ1142 Shirley “Martinez" Brooklyn NY 

Æ1143 Thomas “Superman” Augusta ME 

Æ1144 Jim “Jboats7Dakota" ND 

Æ1145 David “Torch” Fresno CA 

Æ1146 Freddy “Needlebender” Bluff City TN 

Æ1147 Richard “Hellrasier 7165” McKees Rocks PA 

Æ1148 Troy “Sidewinder” Helena MT 

Æ1149 Joey “Jackrabbit” Commerce GA 

Æ1150 J. Keith “2JK171” Houston TX 

Æ1151 Jimy “Smurf” Oxford Christchurch New Zealand 

Æ1152 Ashton “Time Bandit” Alexandria VA 

Æ1153 Zack “Renegade” 74” Metolius OR 

Æ1154 Troy “Mr. H” Ml 

Æ1155 Lee “Cargo" IN 

Æ1156 James “Outlaw 48” Springfield VA 

Æ1157 David “Black Horse 1” Orleans MA 

Æ1158 Tyler “Loudmouth" Hoffman Estates IL 

Æ1159 Michael “BKBadBoy” Brooklyn NY 

Æ1160 Shannon “Gizzmo” Benton IL 

Æ1161 Jeff “275 Ghost Rider” Old Forge PA 

Æ1162 Mike “Sodbuster” Rome PA 

Æ1163 Robert “ROB" Richmond VA 

Æ1164 JB “Nature Boy & North Alabama 1089” Moulton AL 

Æ1165 Eugenio “Aravan77” Lugo Spain 

Æ1166 John “Lonewolf” MO 

Æ1167 Blaine “Raven” Frostburg MD 

Æ1168 Doug “Guardian 301” Spokane Valley WA 

Æ1169 Keith “Redneckdxer” Lorraine NY 

Æ1170 Mike “7732NH” Hampton NH 

Æ1171 Kenny “Kenny” Rapid City SD 

Æ1172 Michael “363” Jamaica West Indies 

Æ1173 David “Hoss” Long Beach MS 

Æ1174 Rocky “Slow Ridde” Cleburne TX 

Æ1175 Rob “The Regulator” Jamestown NY 

Æ1176 Gino “The Gent” Montreal Quebec Canada 

Æ1177 Tony “Pizza" Tampa FL 

Æ1178 Scott “Okie Patriot” Yukon OK 

Æ1179 Louis “Scrape” Cape May NJ 

Æ1180 Jamie “Iceman 888” Danvers MA 

Æ1181 Russ “Russ" Clarksville TN 

Æ1182 Alvin “Big Al” Plymouth IN 

Æ1183 Henry “Godfather” Wilmington VT 

Æ1184 Paul “Fisherman” La Grange CA 

Æ1185 Gary “Stump Jumper” Birmingham AL 

Æ1186 Adrian “Mustang” El Paso TX 

Æ1187 Joel “Shadow” Tampa FL 

Æ1188 John “Plan9” Tacoma WA 

Æ1189 Salvador “Centurion” Arecibo Puerto Rico 

Æ1190 Scott “Woodhippy" New Bloomfield MO 

Æ1191 Stacy “Doc Holiday” Madison MS 

Æ1192 Jeff “Ghost Rider 275" Old Forge PA 

Æ1193 Barry “Leatherking" Coatesville PA 

Æ1194 Matt “314 No Rush & Slowpoke” Wentworth NH 

Æ1195 Joel “CFL13” Tampa FL 

Æ1196 Jonathan “Rusty Nail & Double Nickel” Georgetown IL 

Æ1197 Dennis “241” Port Huron Ml 

Æ1198 Richard “Dutch Rebel” Palmyra IA 

Æ1199 Andrew “Paperboy” Oakland Ml 

Æ1200 Jonah “Jonah” Shrewsbury United Kingdom 

Æ1201 Russ “Lonewolf” Hamburg NY 

Æ1202 Dale “Roaddog” Port Huron Ml 

Æ1203 Bob “Tater Salad” Youngstown OH 

Æ1204 Dan “Ground Shaker" Palm Springs CA 

Æ1205 Don “Ridge Runner" Columbus IN 

Æ1206 Howard “Colt 45” Rocky Hill CT 

Æ1207 Thomas “Tomahawk” IN 

Æ1208 Bob “Husker” PapilionNE 

Æ1209 Edward “Smitty” Standish ME 

Æ1210 Ken “888” Freehold NY 

Æ1211 Caleb “Southern Boy” Starkville MS 

Æ1212 Kenneth “101” Magnolia State” Summit MS 

Æ1213 Troy “Sidewinder & 992” Kennewick WA 

Æ1214 Ian Timothy “Atlantic T” Nottingham England UK

Æ1215 Howard “Barney B” Columbia TN 

Æ1216 Paul Florida MA 

Æ1217 John Davenport IA 

Æ1218 Bryan “459" Kennesaw GA 

Æ1219 Jerry “Ghostrider & 2SF779” Beloit OH 

Æ1220 Spence “PA Polecat 2SF4263” Klilleen TX 

Æ1221 Richard “Firewalker” MO 

Æ1222 Kevin “Mr. K” BellaireOH 

Æ1223 Michael “Alpers 6" Culver City CA 

Æ1224 Jonathan “207 Tinman” Tuscon AZ 

Æ1225 Ivan “Red Dog” Vacaville CA 

Æ1226 Eddie “Operator” Coila MS 

Æ1227 Tommy “Lightning” Tallapoosa GA 

Æ1228 Tom “Appleknocker” Kansas City MO 

Æ1229 John “Weekend Warrior” Nashville TN 

Æ1230 Chuck “V8rodder” TX 

Æ1231 Mike “Mikey Boy” Sacramento CA 

Æ1232 Ron “Plumber 36" Roseburg” OR 

Æ1233 Matthew “Blue Thunder" Fall River MA 

Æ1234 Doyle “Dingaling” Marion IN 

Æ1235 Brian “Cool Hand" Paris IL 

Æ1236 Don “Delta Fox" Lucama NC 

Æ1237 Rick “Digger” Ml 

Æ1238 Paul “Papa" Niagara Falls NY 

Æ1239 Marvin “River Ratt 181” Las Vegas NV 

Æ1240 Kevin “Ghostrider” Graham NC 

Æ1241 Robin “26AT110” Portsmouth Hampshire England 

Æ1242 Al “Dooley” Placerville CA 

Æ1243 Mark “Riff Raff” Elmira NY 

Æ1244 Brian “Snowman" Paris IL 

Æ1245 Niko “6678” Madison Wl 

Æ1246 Yvonne “Bamby” West Branch Ml 

Æ1247 Tim “Klutch” West Branch Ml 

Æ1248 Joe “Koslop" Hazleton PA 

Æ1249 Mark “Spike” Boonville CA 

Æ1250 William “Zippo” Morrisville VT 

Æ1251 Sandy “XE1AA” Kingman AZ 

Æ1252 James “Bigfoot” Sullivan IN 

Æ1253 Coleman “Ranger" Denver CO 

Æ1254 Andrew “Big Foot” & 141” Waled Center NY 

Æ1255 Ron “X-Ray” WA 

Æ1256 Matthew “The Catt” Oakland CA 

Æ1257 Dane “Lone Ranger” Berwick PA 

Æ1258 Tommy “Master Blaster” Bardstown KY 

Æ1259 John “1 Watt” MS 

Æ1260 Cody “DC” TX 

Æ1261 Alex “Free America 001” Sioux Falls SD 

Æ1262 Tim “Paul Bunyan” Salem IN 

Æ1263 Michael “The Copier Guy” Hokes Bluff AL 

Æ1264 Dan “Brzow” Troutman NC 

Æ1265 John “Lonewolf” ME 

Æ1266 Dave “Cobraman" Jacksonville IN 

Æ1267 Shannon “Gizzmo Duck” Larosse LA 

Æ1268 John “Unit 275” Ogden UT 

Æ1269 John “Bigdog911” Schenectady NY 

Æ1270 John “Northbound” Paris TN 

Æ1271 John “Charlie Brown" Tamaqua PA 

Æ1272 Ben “Fisher” Belgrade ME 

Æ1273 Dan “Dusty Britches” Fairview TN 

Æ1274 Ken “Fog Horn” Yuba City CA 

Æ1275 Jerry “3835 JC” Humble TX 

Æ1276 Jens “Boomerang” Salzkotten NRW West Germany 

Æ1277 James “Hotshot” Cork City Ireland 

Æ1278 Gene “Damien” Nashua NH 

Æ1279 Danielle “Angel” Nashua NH 

Æ1280 Bradley “Gambit” Nashua NH 

Æ1281 Charles “Sandman” Nashua NH 

Æ1282 Fred “681” FL 

Æ1283 Ken “Caveman” Buffalo NY 

Æ1284 Ed “Xray 527” Harrison AR 

Æ1285 Bill “Mr. 38” Baltimore MD 

Æ1286 Daniel “Redman" Philadelphia PA 

Æ1287 Denny “Denny” FL 

Æ1288 Steve “Agent 680” Spencer MA 

Æ1289 Mike “Hot Sauce” Ulkiah CA 

Æ1290 Gino “Gino” Belsele Belgium 

Æ1291 Paige “Wedland” Prairie Village KS 

Æ1292 Thomas “Deputy Dog” Easley SC 

Æ1293 Daniel “Emo" Gillingham Dorset United Kingdom 

Æ1294 Clayton “Piper Tomahawk" San Jose CA 

Æ1295 James “JJ” Point Pleasant NJ 

Æ1296 Mike “2SF431” NC 

Æ1297 John “John Henry” Cheyenne WY 

Æ1298 Mark “Muddy Fox & 26TM085” Norfolk England UK 

Æ1299 TJ “Sniper 308” Athens TN 

Æ1300 Steve “Alien” Humboldt KS 

Æ1301 Ben “Ben” Collegeville PA 

Æ1302 Marianne “Big #3 Mobile” Rome PA 

Æ1303 Andy “Studley 8” England United Kingdom 

Æ1304 Maurice “Jaguar” Miami FL 

Æ1305 Bow “Ronin” Houston TX 

Æ1306 Barry “Crabby Farmer” Coatesville PA 

Æ1307 John “John” IL 

Æ1308 Paul “Golden State 1629” Lagrange California 

Æ1309 Anthony “Pizza” Tampa Bay FL 

Æ1310 Joe “Mongoose” Centralia IL 

Æ1311 Jose “Omega” Miami, FL 

Æ1312 Sam “Feelgood & MR598” Newark NJ 

Æ1313 Wade “Sidewinder” Fort Payne, AL 

Æ1314 Zachary “Slingshot” Aurora CO 

Æ1315 Sam “Two Dogs” Seminole OK 

Æ1316 Robert “Rob” Canyon Lake TX 

Æ1317 Jeff “Cyclone 13” Manhattan NJ 

Æ1318 Brian “Blackfire” St. Augustine FL 

Æ1319 Rich “Hellraiser" Pittsburgh PA 

Æ1320 Dale “Pirate" British Columbia Canada 

Æ1321 William “BillyBear” Mexia & Point Blank TX 

Æ1322 Richard “Toothfairy" Cool CA 

Æ1323 Geoff “Tin Can” AL 

Æ1324 Steve “Rebel” Central Islip NY 

Æ1325 Richard “Midnight Wizard” Pittsburgh PA 

Æ1326 SeanMA 

Æ1327 Mike “Thumper” WacoTX 

Æ1328 Andrew “Blue Racer” Ml 

Æ1329 David “Ground Pounder” Cape Cod MA 

Æ1330 Alice “Pussy Footer” Cape Cod MA 

Æ1331 John “ASB791” Longs SC 

Æ1332 Doyle “Skip Shooter" Omaha NE 

Æ1333 Zack “Renegade & 522” Metolius OR 

Æ1334 Allen “"Oscala Owl” Silver Springs FL 

Æ1335 Mike “X86" Selden, NY 

Æ1336 Robert “Psycho Bob” St Joseph Ml 

Æ1337 Jack “0642” Nashville TN 

Æ1338 Russ “2LV1972” Indiana 

Æ1339 Tom “KASZ9113” Elyria OH 

Æ1340 Darren “3117” Portsmouth VA 

Æ1341 Bob “Doc” Black Canyon City AZ 

Æ1342 Zach “Renegade & Bubba Trash” Central OR 

Æ1343 Ron “TTT” Belen NM 

Æ1344 Dana “Tennessee 912 & 1225” Garrett IN 

Æ1345 Sudkhate “153RT439 & 153E213” Thailand 

Æ1346 Bill “Goofy Grape” Ocean City MD 

Æ1347 George “Pack Rat” Bellingham MA 

Æ1348 Jim “KCW8283” Edgewood NM 

Æ1349 JD “Wildcatter” Irvington NY 

Æ1350 Jason “418” Oromocto New Brunswick Canada 

Æ1351 James Southeastern NC 

Æ1352 Danny “Dirtybird 17” Central TX 

Æ1353 Richard “Dutchman & WR-971” Palmyra IN 

Æ1354 Mark “Dirtyjob” Methuen MA 

Æ1355 Josh “Jassing" Anderson Island WA 

Æ1356 Mike “gunslinger" Seymour IN 

Æ1357 John “# 1 Equalizer” Trinidad West Indies 

Æ1358 Matt “Low Rent” Wisconsin 

Æ1359 Patrick “Pathfinder" Clermont FL 

Æ1360 Bill “GS776” Dunn NC 

Æ1361 Michael “Hammer" Lansing Ml 

Æ1362 John “The Blue Eagle" Syracuse NY 

Æ1363 Jack Easthampton MA 

Æ1364 Rich “Flip-Flop & Unit 362” Queens NY 

Æ1365 Rocco “007” PA 

Æ1366 Thomas “Deputydawg” Liberty SC 

Æ1367 Byron “Deerbone” Greencastle IN 

Æ1368 Ross “American Express" Phelan CA 

Æ1369 John “Moon” Wilkes Barre PA 

Æ1370 Charles “Radio Siboney” Las Vegas NV 

Æ1371 Drew “Starbuck" Mission Viejo CA 

Æ1372 David “JR & 982" Chicago IL 

Æ1373 Richard “N3XCB” Culleoka TN

Æ1374 Terry “Sarge & Swampfox” South TX 

Æ1375 Andrew “Desert Fox” County of Kent S.E. England UK 

Æ1376 John “Huggybear” Oakridge NJ 

Æ1377 James “Irish Eyes” Cork City Ireland 

Æ1378 Mike “W82FAST” Chapel FL 

Æ1379 Ricky “Maddog” Raynham MA 

Æ1380 Tyler “Mr. Compounder" Archdale NC 

Æ1381 Gerry “6V50” Calgary Alberta Canada 

Æ1382 Adam “1Adam12” Yarmouth MA 

Æ1383 Chris “Kilo3” Tasmania Australia 

Æ1384 Rick “Rescue517” Rockaway Township NJ 

Æ1385 Lynn “Trooper” St. Louis MI 

Æ1386 Mike “26RC007” Portsmouth England 

Æ1387 Jeff “275 Ghost Rider” Old Forge PA 

Æ1388 Rich “Windy” Medford OR 

Æ1389 Dave “305” Sanger CA 

Æ1390 Robert “Bandit” Philadelphia PA 

Æ1391 Milan "Harddrive" Oregon OH 

Æ1392 Greg "MDYoungblood & 321" Baltimore MD 

Æ1393 Ron "Curly" Enoch UT 

Æ1394 Steve "Bigfoot" Rogers TX 

Æ1395 Edward “KBD107” Sheperdsville KY 

Æ1396 DJ “Troublemaker & 0247” Colebrook CT 

Æ1397 John "Bones" Farmingville NY 

Æ1398 Jim “Dirty White Boy” PA 

Æ1399 Don “Tristar & Zero 41” Buffalo NY 

Æ1400 Wayne “The Heep & 608” Eveleth MN 

Æ1401 Chuck “Nyack” North Bend OR 

Æ1402 Thomas “Triple Nickel” NJ 

Æ1403 Bryan “Bluejeans” Toledo OH 

Æ1404 James “Ground Hog” Piggott AR 

Æ1405 Kevin “0069 Empire State” New York NY 

Æ1406 Joe “Omega” Williamsburg VA 

Æ1407 Ray “55 Double Nickel” White River Junction VT 

Æ1408 Michael “Wolverine & 328” IN 

Æ1409 Vinny "Maestro & 222" Florida Keys FL 

Æ1410 Lou “668” Southeast PA 

Æ1411 Reno “Bulldog & 777” Skowhegan ME 

Æ1412 Vinny "Maestro & 222" Florida Keys FL 

Æ1413 Jeff "CB Rambo" Barrie Ontario Canada 

Æ1414 Georg “13 Delta Lima 5” Germany 

Æ1415 John Syracuse NY / Eastern Lake Ontario NY 

Æ1416 Alan “007” St. Louis MO 

Æ1417 Richie “99 Double 9” Ft. Lauderdale FL 

Æ1418 Yan "26CT281" Essex England United Kingdom 

Æ1419 Gez “The Salesman & 26TM570” Dudley England UK

Æ1420 Alex “Golden Eagle” Clarion/Derry PA 

Æ1421 Ian “Elmer Fudd” East Midlands United Kingdom 

Æ1422 William “658” VA 

Æ1423 Bud “BudMan5600” Riverside CA 

Æ1424 Ed “Gun Guy” Standish ME 

Æ1425 Frank “White Knite & 668 West Tennessee” Paris TN 

Æ1426 Jim "Boats J" Barnes County ND 

Æ1427 Gene "Green Mountain Man & Blue State Bandit" VT 

Æ1428 Michael "2RM0290 & Bravo Charlie 468" Solano County CA 

Æ1429 Aaron "Electro Man" Manchester CT 

Æ1430 Jerry "Starrider" Mitchell IN 

Æ1431 Tater "632" Central OK 

Æ1432 Paul "47 xray" Ville Platte LA 

Æ1433 Ivan "Ivan" Vacaville CA 

Æ1434 Mike "Triple X" Long Island NY 

Æ1435 Terry "Sarge & BC1208" Brazoria County TX 

Æ1436 Andy “Flatlander” South East KS 

Æ1437 Ted “Peecock” Berea OH 

Æ1438 Henry Hoofddorp Netherlands 

Æ1439 Anthony "A-Train 310" NJ 

Æ1440 Mike "Spaceman 303" Waukegan IL 

Æ1441 Michael "DeltaLima67" Zittau Germany 

Æ1442 David New Stranton PA 

Æ1443 John "Stargazer 265" Williamsport PA 

Æ1444 Lloyd "Sandman"" Monterey TN 

Æ1445 Phil "Red Baron" Fresno CA 

Æ1446 Devon South Africa 

Æ1447 Anil India 

Æ1448 Ty "Greasy Gator" Princeton KY 

Æ1449 Richard "BlueKnight KSP1619" Reading PA 

Æ1450 Aaron "CBrat600" Leicester MA 

Æ1451 Thomas "Shortshank" MS 

Æ1452 Paulo "31dt002" Torres Vedras Portugal 

Æ1453 Rod "Shoots" Pioneer CA 

Æ1454 Robert "935" Woodbridge VA 

Æ1455 Kirk "Nine Zero Eight 908" Atlanta 

Æ1456 Pat Bellingham MA 

Æ1457 James "Cactus Kid" AZ 

Æ1458 Brian "Preatcher" Corning NY 

Æ1459 Tom "Bravo 1" IN 

Æ1460 Greg "Nature Boy" Monroe NC 

Æ1461 Don "Ogre" Schenectady NY 

Æ1462 Paul "Crazy Cat" Philadelphia PA 

Æ1463 Neil New South Wales Australia 

Æ1464 Steve Dallas TX 

Æ1465 Richard "Dickwick 539" VA 

Æ1466 Chuck "Yooper2" Mass City MI 

Æ1467 Peter "Nitroman" Worcester MA 

Æ1468 Vick "Grey Ghost" KS 

Æ1469 Don "Spooky" CA 

Æ1470 Tom Pensacola FL 

Æ1471 Otis "Tbird KDR-1316" Falmouth KY 

Æ1472 Randy "Renegade" Montgomery AL 

Æ1473 Ken "Night Stalker" Arlington WA 

Æ1474 Dieter "13SD001" Eisleben Germany 

Æ1475 Charlie California 

Æ1476 Gene "Grayson" Mouth of Wilson VA 

Æ1477 Brian "Weasel" New Orleans LA 

Æ1478 Alvin "Nunya" KS 

Æ1479 Loren "Flite" Enfield CT 

Æ1480 Dedrick "Bludogg" Columbia SC 

Æ1481 Dan CT 

Æ1482 Paul "Wolfgang" OH 

Æ1483 Mindy "Princess of the Airwaves 925" Ocala FL 

Æ1484 Larry "Spitfire" Mesa AZ 

Æ1485 Joel "Pigsticker Station 270" Bowlinggreen KY 

Æ1486 Gary "Oahuranger" Wahiawa HI 

Æ1487 Rick "Rooster" Westfield MA 

Æ1488 Michael "Redwolf" CO 

Æ1489 Justin "Mossyoak" FL 

Æ1490 Matthew "19DW001" Hilegom Netherlands 

Æ1491 Terry "TL" Paris TN 

Æ1492 Terrance "59" Augusta GA 

Æ1493 Zach "Oskar" MO 

Æ1494 Curtis "Roadrunner" CA 

Æ1495 Dominick "Barefoot" Houston TX 

Æ1496 Chris "Houdini" Camden County GA 

Æ1497 Scottie "Bull Dozer 630" Houston TX 

Æ1498 Kris "Deadeye" Belle MO 

Æ1499 Shannon "Gizzmo Duck" Larose LA 

Æ1500 Jos "19WO1863" Jos City Weert Netherlands 

Æ1501 Alan "Laughing Otter" Forks WA 

Æ1502 Sam "Bluebird" Cheroke Village AR 

Æ1503 Mike "Buckshot" Pound VA 

Æ1504 Ken "Blazer" Mechanic Falls ME 

Æ1505 James "Undertaker" "Station 575" Roseville MI 

Æ1506 Tim "Hotrod" IL 

Æ1507 Ed "Eddie Money" Lunenburg MA 

Æ1508 Eddie "Nighthawk" Lynn MA 

Æ1509 David "Gypsy 88030" NM 

Æ1510 John "Outlaw" Belleville IL 

Æ1511 Mike "Whiskey Bravo 175" Albuquerque NM 

Æ1512 Jerry "Ghostrider" OH 

Æ1513 John "159er" Pittsburgh PA 

Æ1514 Rob "Unit 469" MN 

Æ1515 Jake "Nomad 76" Las Vegas NV 

Æ1516 Hector "Airtech" Spring Hill FL 

Æ1517 Mike "Gardner 333" Springfield MA 

Æ1518 Chuck "Stovebolt" Machiasport ME 

Æ1519 Clinton "Rock Hunter" AZ 

Æ1520 Jerry "Whip Poor Will" Salt Springs FL 

Æ1521 Clyde McAlester OK 

Æ1522 Peter "Big Mac" Albany NY 

Æ1523 John "Dog Bone" VA 

Æ1524 Ryan "Redline" Buffalo NY 

Æ1525 Lee Indiana 

Æ1526 John "Jay" Lowell MA 

Æ1527 Frank "Ram Rod" Oneonta AL 

Æ1528 Sean "Game Warden" USA 

Æ1529 Rodney Lithgow Australia 

Æ1530 Jeffery "KF5TEX" Hattiesburg MS 

Æ1531 Buck "WVRESCLUSE" Hazleton WV 

Æ1532 Charles "Hal-9000" Vancouver WA 

Æ1533 Troy "418" NJ 

Æ1534 Doug "544" AL 

Æ1535 Dave "SLO-MO" Anchorage AK 

Æ1536 Jerry "Starrider" Mitchell IN 

Æ1537 Dave "Moondog" Au Gres MI 

Æ1538 Ronald North Oxford MA 

Æ1539 Robert "932 Skip Roper" Charleston SC 

Æ1540 Brian "Crowe" "Unit 6537" Perrysburg OH 

Æ1541 Mike "Lugnut" "Triple 10" Kingsport TN 

Æ1542 Ed "Hot Rod" Cleghorn IA 

Æ1543 Kent "Yooper Dandy" Saint Ingace MI 

Æ1544 Fred "Silver Duck" Billerica MA 

Æ1545 Roy "White Lightning" Hilo HI 

Æ1546 Jimy "533" Christchurch New Zealand 

Æ1547 James "Bush Pilot" IL 

Æ1548 Lou "Drop Top" New York NY 

Æ1549 Jerry "Daddyrabbit" Willis TX 

Æ1550 Angus Sudbury Ontario Canada 

Æ1551 Aubry Crawfordville FL 

Æ1552 Brian "721" "KE4YNN" Omaha NE 

Æ1553 Scott Harrisburg PA 

Æ1554 Terry "Buckeye Toad" Springfield OH 

Æ1555 Scott "Blue Moose" Atlanta GA 

Æ1556 Joe "Green Machine" Urbana OH 

Æ1557 Paul "Dogbone 53" Fort Edward NY 

Æ1558 Charlie "Cornbread" Knoxville TN 

Æ1559 Izzy "Stomper" New Castle IN 

Æ1560 Dave "Professor 848" "WWS848" Middle TN 

Æ1561 Allen "4190" Kingsport TN 

Æ1562 Aaron "Smoke Junkie" Lee Road LA 

Æ1563 Charlie "Violator 169" San Bernadino CA 

Æ1564 Christopher "Trouble Maker" Angola on the Lake NY 

Æ1565 Dale The Villages FL 

Æ1566 Fran "Wolfman" Dunedin FL 

Æ1567 Scott "Olde Cabin" NC 

Æ1568 Roy "Waterman H20" NJ 

Æ1569 Kenneth Boston MA 

Æ1570 Chris "Tattoo Chris" Gloucester MA 

Æ1571 Mike Raleigh NC 

Æ1572 Shane "Charliebrown" Fort Erie Ontario Canada 

Æ1573 Rob "WVM2448" VA / MI 

Æ1574 Terry "Lonewolf" NC 

Æ1575 Anthony "Trident 101" New Orleans LA 

Æ1576 Bill "Triker Billy" White Creek NY 

Æ1577 Charles "295" San Diego CA 

Æ1578 Scott Saint Charles MO 

Æ1579 Dennis "Hotrod" El Cajon CA 

Æ1580 Eric "Sparky" Baltimore MD 

Æ1581 Ken Dillingham "5 watts" Oceano CA 

Æ1582 Mike "Blue OX" Lititz PA 

Æ1583 Richard Mrytle Beach SC 

Æ1584 John "244" AK 

Æ1585 Tim "390" Central IL 

Æ1586 Gordo "Trickiest" Australia 

Æ1587 "1538 Radio" "Crime Boss" Cohutta GA 

Æ1588 Jay "148" NH 

Æ1589 Marco "Devilsdog" "RF432" Schauren Germany 

Æ1590 Paul "Crazyhat" Philladelphia PA 

Æ1591 Jeff "773" Shreveport LA 

Æ1592 Gary "Mr. Mumbles" AK 

Æ1593 James "Redwolf" Clarkton NC 

Æ1594 Dave "Jollyhopper" Okeechobee FL 

Æ1596 Jim "Sandman" Oakbrook Terrace IL 

Æ1597 Richard "Firefinder" VA 

Æ1598 Wayne "Wildman" Clinton SC 

Æ1599 Brian "Wildcat" & "Outlaw" Nottinghamshire England UK 

Æ1600 Mathew "420" Green Bay WI 

Æ1601 Gary "West Texas Rattlesnake" Corpus Christi TX 

Æ1602 George "Timberwolf" Larimore ND 

Æ1603 Robert "Station 731" Chazy NY 

Æ1604 Greg "Chicken Bone" NC 

Æ1605 Bill "Cherokee" Berwick ME 

Æ1606 Rick "Roadrunner" Coopersville MI 

Æ1607 Rick "Boilermaker" San Diego CA 

Æ1608 Scott "Rasta 316" Houston TX 

Æ1609 Jeff "Rev 8775" Keokuk IA 

Æ1610 Timothy "Green Ranger" & "730" Hendersonville TN 

Æ1611 Wayne "Silverwolf" & "297" NC 

Æ1612 Chris "121" Central NJ 

Æ1613 Jay "Techtinfool" Wales MA 

Æ1614 Fred "360" Quebec Canada 

Æ1615 Bob "Papa Bob" Pensacola FL 

Æ1616 Michael "Texas T" & "777" Pigeon Forge TN 

Æ1617 Mike "1333" Mt Pleasant TN 

Æ1618 Ken "1212" Belleville MI 

Æ1619 Michael "SIde Winder" Brownsville TX 

Æ1620 Bill "Billy White Shoes" Battle Creek MI 

Æ1621 Jody "T44" Woodland Park CO 

Æ1622 Steve "Razorback Unit 262" Clarksville AR 

Æ1623 Billy "17" Baltimore MD 

Æ1624 Ralph "Ratman" & "KEP8800" Elizabethton TN 

Æ1625 Larry "Oldtimer" Southwest IL 

Æ1626 Darrell "Uncle-D" & "929" Knoxville TN 

Æ1627 Tim "Little Pirate" Niagara Falls NY 

Æ1628 Tom "Firestalker" Mart TX

Æ1629 Mark "Warthog" & "Stars & Stripes 748" Burney CA

Æ1630 Luke "The Drifter" Moreauville LA

Æ1631 James “Ramman” Lanexa VA

Æ1632 Paul "Dragon Fire" Storrs CT

Æ1633 Scott "Chipmonk" St. Charles MO

Æ1634 Bruce "Walking Tall (WT)" Rockford IL

Æ1635 Dave "American Kangaroo 295" Houston TX

Æ1636 Dennis "258" Kansas City MO

Æ1637 Robert "Old Gaffer" Cork Ireland

Æ1638 Jim “N9PCF” & “Black Bear” & “666” Milwaukee WI

Æ1639 Jeff "313 TN" Elizabethton TN

Æ1640 John "Silver Bullett" Manheim PA

Æ1641 Ray "Cyber Tex" Kansas City MO

Æ1642 Jay "Fireball" & "718" Amarillo TX

Æ1643 Tiny "Tiny 211" Lisbon OH

Æ1644 Jason "43 CB 1972" Mornington Victoria Australia 

Æ1645 Bob "Nightbreaker" Eagles Mere PA

Æ1646 Mike "30SD555" & "30LR137" Alicante Spain

Æ1647 Jody "Reloader" Wytheville VA

Æ1648 Thomas "Lago" Chicago IL

Æ1649 Chuck "Zig Zag" & "420" Vero Beach FL

Æ1650 Mike “449” Springfield PA

Æ1651 Michael "Wisconsin Chipmonk" Colorado Springs CO

Æ1652 Charley "Flat Lander 254" Arcola IL

Æ1653 Cody "Cojack" Woodriver IL 

Æ1654 Colt "Road Dog" Comptche CA

Æ1655 John "Half Pint" El Paso TX

Æ1656 Wolf "Pinto" & "Chase Unit 2" & "WL03" Doyle CA

Æ1657 Rex "Pale Rider" Denver CO

Æ1658 David “Variable” Abilene, TX

Æ1659 Mike “Bald Eagle” Kinder, LA

Æ1660 Lenny “Jupiter 1090” Jupiter, FL

Æ1661 Donald “Prospector” Hickory Grove, SC

Æ1662 Billy “Ranger & 17” Glen Burnie, MD

Æ1663 Gary “Gizmo” Independence, MO

Æ1664 Dean “Jikey” Buckeye, AZ

Æ1665 Preston “Starlord” Akron, OH

Æ1666 Warren “Ryan in Bonney Lake” WA

Æ1667 Eric “Brass Pounder” Baltimore, MD

Æ1668 Cletus “223” Mountain Village, Alaska

Æ1669 Greg “Unit 17” West Sacramento, CA

Æ1670 Shane-Antony “Kingsman & 02CT2781” Plymouth, ME

Æ1671 Mike “Cowboy” Hebron, CT

Æ1672 Bob “383” PA

Æ1673 Bryan “2112” Menomonee Falls, WI

Æ1674 Joe “Joe” Boston, MA

Æ1675 Paul “The Jolly Roger” Southern CT

Æ1676 Keith “String Bender” Southern IL

Æ1677 Rob "Piss Whiskey & Romeo Juliet 53" Violet LA

Æ1678 Keim “The Streak & KDL1791” Chattanooga TN

Æ1679 Ron “Crankshaft” Avoca NY

Æ1680 Jeff “Chubz” Sparta WI

Æ1681 Mike “Fiddlepicker & KJN5338” Wonder Lake IL

Æ1682 Doug “980” Northeast MA

Æ1683 Scott “Trout Slayer” Meredith, NH

Æ1684 Seth “Seth” Iowa

Æ1685 Bob “Radio Rider” CT

Æ1686 Michael “Porkchop” Rock Falls IL

Æ1687 Joe “Deerhunter” Londonderry NH

Æ1688 Charlotte "Miss Kentucky Angle" Pearl MS

Æ1689 Lou “Lou” Belgium

Æ1690 Fran “Wolfman” Clearwater FL

Æ1691 John “2SF986” Thousand Oaks CA

Æ1692 Dusty “Blue Lightning” Richford VT

Æ1693 Terren “Hardhat 3-0” Redding CA

Æ1694 Roy “Double T & 520” Smoky Hills TN

Æ1695 Rich “K-180” Red Bank NJ

Æ1696 Brian “Bobcat” Shavertown PA

Æ1697 Perry "Bama258" Moulton AL

Æ1698 Bryan "819" Hemet CA

Æ1699 Pierre "Iowa 101" Grand Junction IA

Æ1700 Pete "Biddeford Man & 914" Biddeford ME

Æ1701 Jon "K17WDC" Sedro Woolley WA

Æ1702 Bryn "The Gunslinger" Ione CA

Æ1703 George “SSB-127-M” Derby CT

Æ1704 Dave “NH 356” Center Barnstead NH

Æ1705 Robert “3308” Albuquerque NM

Æ1706 Brandon “Indiana 656” Wabash IN

Æ1707 Jay “Chief 7802” OH

Æ1708 Chris “Rainman 419” Fort Dix NJ

Æ1709 Rick “MN Hillbilly” Red Wing MN

Æ1710 Ron “Madd Jakk Dollar 2.98” Woodsboro TX

Æ1711 Todd “460” Castro Valley CA

Æ1712 Marty “Sparky & Unit 655” Drummonds TN

Æ1713 Colin “Ssb-116l” Greencastle IN

Æ1714 Greg “44 Mobile Ontario” Hamilon, Ontario, Canada

Æ1715 Tyler “Mailbox Slayer & NC6209” Willow Spring NC

Æ1716 Richy “193 Mobile Dick” New York City NY

Æ1717 John “Uncle Fester” Schuylkill County PA

Æ1718 Shane “Pullit 1977” LA

Æ1719 Michael “KB5ZCS” Brownsville TX

Æ1720 Rowan “WNC-302” Black Mountain NC

Æ1721 Rick “K-180” Red Bank NJ

Æ1722 Kenneth “Blazer” Mechanic Falls ME

Æ1723 Rick “Rick” Viroqua WI

Æ1724 Jon “Jon 666” Plattsburgh NY

Æ1725 Bill “Mr. B & Unit 384” Escondido CA

Æ1726 Greg “Ole Smokey & 739” Millington TN

Æ1727 Thomas “Rubber Duck & 211” Louisa VA

Æ1728 Randy “Dead Key” Concord NH

Æ1729 Fritz “Wolf & 968” Lansing MI

Æ1730 Dana “Whiskey Nip” Rochester NH

Æ1731 Jimmy “Chubby Checker” Mechanicsburg PA

Æ1732 Chris “Centurion” San Marcos CA

Æ1733 Chris “808 Delaware” Dover DE

Æ1734 Albert “PA770” Greentown PA

Æ1735 Rusty “Warlock 914” Flint TX

Æ1736 Leo “2OR1183RI” Coventry RI

Æ1737 Mick “26CT1358 / G!-XGM” Bradford United Kingdom

Æ1738 Louis “Bassman 708” Parrish FL

Æ1739 Bryan “Freebird 859er” Kennewick WA

Æ1740 Bobby “529 Texas” San Angelo TX

Æ1741 Scott “Woody 171” New Bloomfield MO

Æ1742 Stephen “KBEW-5296/KD2NDZ” Point Pleasant Boro NJ

Æ1743 Paul “Quicksilver 282” Levittown PA

Æ1744 Duffy “C.R. KBKN 0764” Lexington SC

Æ1745 Gus “Prospector Gus” Nevada City CA

Æ1746 Bryan “WKS369” Nashville AR

Æ1747 David “Webbhill 413” Newport TN

Æ1748 James “Ky252” Frankfort KY

Æ1749 Michael "26TM152" Liverpool England UK

Æ1750 Mike "SuperMike" St. Albans VT

Æ1751 Richard "Extra Class" Pearl MS

Æ1752 Ronald “Danbury” Danbury NH

Æ1753 James “Papa Bear” Polk City FL

Æ1754 Wayne “Triple 7 & Banjoman” South Portland ME

Æ1755 Charles “Chazz & 148” Pittsburgh PA

Æ1756 Jeff “CB Rambo” Barrie Ontario Canada

Æ1757 Ken “Hillbilly 101” Mt. Vernon OH

Æ1758 Steve “Dog Pound” Wolfe City TX

Æ1759 Jason “Red” Pleasant Hill AR

Æ1760 Larry “Larry & VT 6583” Moretown VT

Æ1761 Jason “BW93” Mornington Victoria Australia

Æ1762 Eric “Bullitt” Port Jeff NY

Æ1763 Shawn “Fletch & KB1YHV & 9 America 1675 & NHSC3820” Danbury NH

Æ1764 Marcus “Family Man” North Monmouth ME

Æ1765 Patti “Sleepy’s Rose 129” Conway AR

Æ1766 Theo “AVO091” Felton MN

Æ1767 Donald “AE3559” Monrovia CA

Æ1768 Jonathan “Bazmazta” Meredith NH

Æ1769 Shane “02TC2871” Plymouth ME

Æ1770 Rocky “Slowride” Cleburne TX

Æ1771 Mike “Wrench” Gilbert AZ

Æ1772 Don “GB” Lewisville TX

Æ1773 Chris “Flattop” Barrington NH

Æ1774 Joe “TA 3841” Boise ID

Æ1775 Ian “26CT036” Barnsley South Yorkshire UK

Æ1776 William “388 Pugdaddy” St. Louis MI

Æ1777 Mark “UnderTaker” Willis MI

Æ1778 John “Dr. Free & Jonboy” Cumberland RI

Æ1779 James “Ghost Ryder” Hillsville VA

Æ1780 Manuel “CQA2614 & Mikeprimo” Sintra Portugal

Æ1781 Jim “Jim” Mansfield TX

Æ1782 Kevin “Squatch Watcher” Sevierville TN

Æ1783 Louis “Trouble” Laper MI

Æ1784 Bud “Big Harry” Hawthorne CA

Æ1785 Ron “R Dubya” Burleson TX

Æ1786 Frits “19RF348” Rotterdam / Zuid-Holland

Æ1787 Conny “Confal” Lidkoping Sweden

Æ1788 Joshua “777” Osage City KS

Æ1789 James “James” Jacksonville FL

Æ1790 Chandler “Slim Jim” Crisfield MD

Æ1791 Derrick “Camp Washington Kid” Cincinnati OH

Æ1792 Tony “Big Tuna” Woodburn KY

Æ1793 Brad “Shoshone Moonrunner & SSB-59Z” Sandy UT

Æ1794 Luigi “Radio Tigre” Italy

Æ1795 Charlie “City Eagle” Austin TX 

Æ1796 Marcius “Rev. Doctor MC & Big Mac 223” Mojave, CA

Æ1797 Walter “323 Brody Base” Archbald PA

Æ1798 Ralph “SW357” Lexington NC

Æ1799 Greg “822” Hanover Park IL 

Æ1800 Keith “Trainchaser” Marysville OH

Æ1801 Dave “CT6007 & Underdog” Birmingham England

Æ1802 Kevin “Spirit & 914” Raymond NH

Æ1803 Art “Porko” Canby OR

Æ1804 Marc “Lightning Rod (LR)” Cleveland OH

Æ1805 Brian “Brian” Salem OR

Æ1806 Kevin “422 Iowa” Bell Plaine IA

Æ1807 Gilbert “16D507” Vilvoorde Belgium

Æ1808 Jim “Unit 225” Whitehall MT

Æ1809 Ron “Road Tuner & KKX7381” Roseburg OR

Æ1810 Ken “Hurricane” Hattiesburg MS

Æ1811 Randy “Sketch Man & 459” Salem OR

Æ1812 Mark “101 Radio” Luling LA

Æ1813 Richard “Broken Pick” Marysville OH

Æ1814 Curt “Curt” Bismarck ND

Æ1815 Kent “KC Cowboy” Kansas City KS

Æ1816 Cliff “KB1FF” Effingham NH

Æ1817 Darren “3117” Portsmouth VA

Æ1818 Brian “Mountain Dog” League City TX

Æ1819 Joe “Keg 2641” League City TX

Æ1820 Eric “Smitty Five” Belvidere NC

Æ1821 James “Nutty Butty 501” Comer GA

Æ1822 Mark “Sparky” Middleburg FL

Æ1823 Mike “Mike” St. Charles IL

Æ1824 Norbert “16 Devisi Belgium” Elewijt België Belgium

Æ1825 Paul “Siderman” Calumet City IL

Æ1826 Tim “444” Bloomington IL

Æ1827 Joey “Joey” Van Buren ME

Æ1828 Jim “Golden Bear Unit #690” Monmouth IL

Æ1829 Chuck “Chuck” Des Moines IA

Æ1830 Stewart “Country Cousin 69” Columbia SC

Æ1831 Mike “454NCT” Montague TX

Æ1832 Joe “Bush Doctor” & “4W0693 1958” Strasburg VA

Æ1833 Ricky “American Kangaroo 1356” Somerset KY

Æ1834 Garry “Eagle 2” Fall River MA

Æ1835 Prince “WRCN391” Las Vegas NV

Æ1836 Avery “Lone Star & 1836” SC

Æ1837 Virgil “Bad News KRK3977” Greer SC

Æ1838 Paul “KKP4065” Tampa FL

Æ1839 Carl “Wingnut” Puyallup WA

Æ1840 Tom “NJ Red Barron” & “kbsc8812” Coaldale PA

Æ1841 Peter “Peter” Belgium

Æ1842 Mark “Nucar03” San Antonio TX

Æ1843 Kenny “Kenny” Post Falls ID

Æ1844 Alex “DV8” El Paso TX

Æ1845 Kelly “Hollywood BR549” Hamilton OH

Æ1846 Charles “Two Cobbs” & “Unit 514”

Æ1847 Tim “Musicman “KSU9734” Albemarle NC

Æ1848 Tim “Mc Wolf” Levittown PA

Æ1849 Chad “Two Toned” & “272” Dunedin FL

Æ1850 Kenny “Yankee Devil” Post Falls ID

Æ1851 Tom “Tater Bob” South Central OH

Æ1852 Chip “Fatboy” Danville PA

Æ1853 Chris “Unit 210” Levittown NY

Æ1854 Brent “Crash Dummy” & “655” Terry MS

Æ1855 Doug “Cereal Smasher” Aston PA

Æ1856 Joseph “Mountainman” & “KE6BIR” Colville WA

Æ1857 Dan “Echo 111” Kansas City MO

Æ1858 John “Hillbilly” & “462” Franklin KY

Æ1859 Thomas 1430 Bluewater” Grand Bend Ontario Canada

Æ1860 Robert “Capt. Bob” Okeechobee FL

Æ1861 Mario “Super Mario” Blackwood NJ

Æ1862 Jordan “Duck Tape” Levittown NY

Æ1863 John “2NA1” Pasco WA

Æ1864 Steven “Desert Dog” Inyokern CA

Æ1865 Gerardo “Gerardo” Mississauga Ontario Canada

Æ1866 Phil “44 Georgia” Springfield GA

Æ1867 Sondra “Shitepoke KSY53511” Beloit WI

Æ1868 Richard “2SF11857” Rolla MO

Æ1869 Thomas “Phantom 409” Piedmont OK

Æ1870 John “2SF28” Pasco WA

Æ1871 Phillip “Jughead” Naperville IL

Æ1872 Will “WRCI590” Truth or Consequences NM

Æ1873 Chandler “Playboy” Crisfield MD

Æ1874 Guy “Quebec 625” Amos Quebec Canada

Æ1875 Rolando “331 Family Man” Elk Grove CA

Æ1876 Michael “269” Grand Blanc MI

Æ1877 Albert (Abet) “Spike1” San Mateo CA

Æ1878 JoJo “Junebug” & “Unit 148” & “ww1aw” Livonia MI

Æ1879 Ben “Ben” New York City NY

Æ1880 Brandon “Littleman” McCraken County KY

Æ1881 Chuck “KY942” Science Hill KY

Æ1882 James “BlackJoker” Boise ID

Æ1883 Joseph “Station 396 Operator Joe” Somerset KY

Æ1884 Stephen “Stephen” Tombstone AZ

Æ1885 Jon “Five Dollar Radio” Hale Center TX

Æ1886 Larry “Beefeater 258” San Leandro CA

Æ1887 Frank “835” Bensalem PA

Æ1888 Agung “JZ14RIO” Bandung Bali Indonesia

Æ1889 Anthony “Sandbagger” Selden NY

Æ1890 Bob “Roadrunner” Waco TX

Æ1891 Joel “Tucsonway” North Las Vegas NV

Æ1892 Rick “Gray Bear” & “704” Morgantown WV

Æ1893 Tommy “Unit 451” Jackson MS

Æ1894 Keith “Silver OX” North Chesterfield VA

Æ1895 Andrew “CF23” Kingman AZ

Æ1896 Frank “Deacon 491” Culleoka TN

Æ1897 George “HDS375” Kansas City MO

Æ1898 Chuck “Red Beard” Mass City MI

Æ1899 Dan “Pop O Top” Moreno Valley CA

Æ1900 Marcius “233” Mojave CA

Æ1901 Tim “Maddog” Soddy-Daisy TN

Æ1902 Ken “N9KLR” & “WQYQ587” Moline IL

Æ1903 Darren “Darren” Alpharetta GA

Æ1904 Terry “185 Virginia” Hampton VA

Æ1905 Paul “Paul” Toledo OH

Æ1906 Ricky “KSC4135” & “Florida Hijacker 56” Blackstone VA

Æ1907 Tim “G.W.” & Big Thunder Eagle 305” Charlotte NC

Æ1908 George “628 Michigan” & “Tinman” & “KD8YXO” Saginaw MI

Æ1909 Jeremy “2WR234” Odessa TX

Æ1910 William “348” Cheboygan MI

Æ1911 David “Sleeper” & “2CT155” Johns MS

Æ1912 Paul “Wolfman” Charlotte NC

Æ1913 Phillip “Gundagai 958” NSW Australia

Æ1914 Kenneth “Bootlegger” & “403 Tennessee” Limestone TN

Æ1915 Roger “KBTK 4585” Detroit MI

Æ1916 James “KM4FAE” London KY

Æ1917 Evelio “Evelio” Miami FL

Æ1918 Jimmy “Rabid Raccoon” & “KJJB29730” Rock Hill SC

Æ1919 David “Zero58” & “Straightshooter58” McLendon-Chisholm TX

Æ1920 Doug “Scottie Lad” Rockland ME

Æ1921 Bill “Bill” Shasta County CA

Æ1922 Nathan “Whiskey Tango 074” Little Rock AR

Æ1923 Mark “Undertaker” Willis MI

Æ1924 Jerry “Uncle Sam” & “KHW-6006” Drexel Hill PA

Æ1925 Juan “HK1JP” Spring TX

Æ1926 Jerry “Sapie” North Adams MA

Æ1927 Francisco “Fish Doctor” Bryan TX

Æ1928 Delbert “Raccoon” Elmira NY

Æ1929 Eric “Eric” Allenstown NH

Æ1930 Jed “Victor Zero 5” Mansfield Nottinghamshire UK

Æ1931 Mike “Power Mike” Memphis TN

Æ1932 Kenny “Big Country” Hillsville VA

Æ1933 Tony “AZ454” Scottsdale AZ

Æ1934 John “John” Palmer AK

Æ1935 Jay “Jay” Lebanon NH

Æ1936 Albert “Mr. Clean” & “252” Unadilla NY

Æ1937 Michael “Dark Side” & “N9MSH” Green Bay WI

Æ1938 John “Preditor” Signal Mountain TN

Æ1939 ΝΙΚΟΣΝΙΚΟΣ” Argos Greece

Æ1940 Brad “EC6467” Hawk Point MO

Æ1941 Roger “KBTK4585” Detroit MI

Æ1942 John “KBJY3388” FL 

Æ1943 Anton “555” Deland FL

Æ1944 John “Condor 01” North Wantagh NY

Æ1945 Darwin “Dagwood’s” Olympia WA

Æ1946 Eric “Msppiguy” Mendenhall MS

Æ1947 Mike “Readyman” Warren RI

Æ1948 Gerard “C.B. 43 934” Berserker Queensland Australia

Æ1949 Vinny “Unit 566” Denver CO

Æ1950 Somnuk “Somnuk” Thailand

Æ1951 Bob “Running Bear” Rogersville TN

Æ1952 John “KN4OYJ” Screven GA

Æ1953 Michael “Cougar 176” Chicago IL

Æ1954 Andy “Midnight Flyer” & “376” Manchester CT

Æ1955 Craig “KC6UQT” Rio Rancho NM

Æ1956 Eric “Alligator Junior” Hazelwood MO

Æ1957 James "Short Circuit" Bay Minette AL

Æ1958 Cory “575” The Colony TX

Æ1959 Bob “36 Alpha” Philadelphia PA

Æ1960 Tim “Tucson” & KTLC1024” Augusta GA

Æ1961 Doug “Grease Monkey” Grovespring MO

Æ1962 Rob “Round Boy” & “213” Mount Vernon IL

Æ1963 Charles “Two Cobbs” & “Unit 514” Ontario Canada

Æ1964 Tom “Blueboy” & KAPB4159” Village Mills TX

Æ1965 Scott “Spaceman” Big Bend WI

Æ1966 Jay “Jay Bird” & “KPA3KU” PA

Æ1967 Donald “Swampfire” Smithdale MS

Æ1968 Tony “Tony” Dagsboro DE

Æ1969 Dean “QDH074” Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Æ1970 Timothy “Big Timmy 55” Oakridge OR

Æ1971 Kevin “Bebin” Milton NH

Æ1972 Lyle “Senile Pilot” Monson MA

Æ1973 Donald “The Mechanic” Roseboro NC

Æ1974 Robert “StormBringer” Pearland TX

Æ1975 Timothy “Big Timmy 55” Oakridge OR

Æ1976 James “546” Cheektowaga NY

Æ1977 John “Joshua 777” Osage City KS

Æ1978 Mario “Super Mario” & “Unit 594” Blackwood NJ

Æ1979 Jesse “Cobra 1” OH

Æ1980 Jerry “Bulldog” Lawrenceburg IN

Æ1981 Pita “224AT102” Bairiki Tarawa

Æ1982 Ray “Skipper” Buckingham VA

Æ1983 Aaron “Atomic” Lexington TN

Æ1984 Tom “Tom” Shirley MA

Æ1985 Gabriel “256” & “Roadhog” Tellico Plains TN

Æ1986 Steve “Steve” Marysville WA

Æ1987 Warren “Rugger SR” Lacrosse WI

Æ1988 Jason “Homebrew” Alfred ME

Æ1989 Jeffrey “Viking” Little Lake MI

Æ1991 John “Texas Red” Hale Center TX

Æ1992 Rich “975” & “Niner Seven Five” Portland OR

Æ1993 Lucas “Luke SkyWalker” Marquette MI

Æ1994 Ken “Sleeper 1148” Grovespring MO

Æ1995 Tony “Shamrock” Chicago IL

Æ1996 Douglas “Muleskinner5” Central City PA

Æ1997 Lohn “Lohn” WI

Æ1998 Ed “534” Temecula CA

Æ1999 Houston “Wolfgang 272” Rio Grande OH

Æ2000 John "Mac" USA

Æ2001 John “KB9LYS” WI

Æ2002 Jorge “226” Leominster MA

Æ2003 Ken “Hummingbird” Silverhill AL

Æ2004 Rick “550” VA

Æ2005 Ryan “Dag” Dumas TX

Æ2006 Temple “635” & “Packrat” Gumlog GA

Æ2007 Jan “13DLI766” Langeoog Germany

Æ2008 Kevin “K Man” & “Unit 24” Flint MI

Æ2009 Pekka “56ed120” & “oh9fiv” Kemi Finland

Æ2010 Stephen “633 from The Tarheel State” Whiteville NC

Æ2011 Shane “Bearded Squirrel” WA

Æ2012 Mark “Bodyman” & “66” Northeast PA

Æ2013 Rusty “915 Alabama” AL

Æ2014 Woody “202 Portable” Sealy TX

Æ2015 Rob “26AZ148” Birmingham England UK

Æ2016 Kevin “703” & “KD6LYG” Woodway TX

Æ2017 Shannon “448” Wilmington NC

Æ2018 George “Yardbird” & “749” Agincourt Ontario Canada

Æ2019 Dennis “LN414” Mount Joy PA

Æ2020 John “Cyclops” Rochester NH

Æ2021 Kevin “Sinny Tiger” Lantna FL

Æ2022 Mike “W2MLC” Fair Grove MI

Æ2023 Egon “Von” Guiuan Eastern Samar Philippines

Æ2024 Gary “322” Flower Mound TX

Æ2025 Pekka “56LV888” Keminmaa Finland

Æ2026 Pete “Sourdough” Granada MN

Æ2027 David “November Bravo 306” Howden East Yorkshire England

Æ2028 Stephen “Texoma24” Big Tussel TX

Æ2029 Michael “Redwolf” Syracuse NY

Æ2030 Don “KFA3559” Monrovia CA

Æ2031 Michael “Redwolf45” Watertown CO

Æ2032 Tim “Grease Monkey 155” Mansfield OH

Æ2033 Rick “Triple Zero (000)” Orange City FL

Æ2034 Kevin “Sentinal” New Smyrna Beach FL

Æ2035 Joseph “438 Southern Maryland Mommas Boy” Lusby MD

Æ2036 Gerad “Snow Shoe” Wurtsboro NY

Æ2037 Dwight “979” Beaumont TX

Æ2038 Raymond “Popeye” & “013” Colchester CT

Æ2039 Tony “Triad989” Traverse City MI

Æ2040 Rafael “Mouse 425” Jackson TN

Æ2041 Preston “Road Slush” Green Bay WI

Æ2042 Brayden “Brayden” Farmington NH

Æ2043 Kevin “Know Snow, 703 Waco, Commando Kid, KD6LYG” Waco TX

Æ2044 Dennis “Hawkeye” Bossier City LA

Æ2045 Rick “Lurch” Rohnert Park CA

Æ2046 Evan “Evan” Albany NY

Æ2047 Joe “2WR84, 2IR084, WC4R” Williamsburg VA

Æ2048 Dan “Mad Max” Spirit Lake IA

Æ2049 Marius “AE18” Acworth GA

Æ2050 Kieth “NorCal514” Fremont CA

Æ2051 Tony “Sportrider” Bakersfield CA

Æ2052 Cliff “RD61” Mahwah NJ

Æ2053 Richard “Dead Battery” Fontana CA

Æ2054 Jon “Jonny Bravo” Dartmouth MA

Æ2055 Ken “Ken” Ephrata PA

Æ2056 Drew “WWS1723” Garden City MI

Æ2057 James “H. R. Puff-n-Stuff” CA

Æ2058 Ken “189 Ken” East Liverpool OH

Æ2059 Cory “WC156” Canada

Æ2060 All-star “Unit 37” Mosgiel New Zealand

Æ2061 Isaac “KJ6EHV” Sacramento CA

Æ2062 Glen “Groundhog2258” Elkton VA

Æ2063 John “707” Mancelona MI

Æ2064 João Pedro “JP” San Antonio TX

Æ2065 Honor “2nd String” Pensacola FL

Æ2066 Shane “Stargazer” Bonner Springs KS

Æ2067 Kim “Shiftiest” Whittier CA

Æ2068 Don “Choo Choo” Lynn MA

Æ2069 Joe “K203 & Seaskimmer” Stratford CT

Æ2070 Steve “Pound Puppy” Tullahoma TN

Æ2071 Bill “Woodsman” Buckley MI

Æ2072 John “Stargazer” Bedford VA

Æ2073 Bryan “KC0LRP” Nashville AR

Æ2074 Tracy “Raven” Belfry KY

Æ2075 Robert “Rookie” Sulphur LA

Æ2076 Isaac “The Traveler” Pavo GA

Æ2077 David “Tank 227 Mobile” Bartlesville OK

Æ2078 Alfred “Beleaver 1” Poulsbo WA

Æ2079 Scott “Watcher” Abilene TX

Æ2080 Jason “505 Delaware & Creepy J” Wilmington DE

Æ2081 Javier “804 Marine Vet” Chesterfield VA

Æ2082 Vicente 30EU0101 Barcelona / Catalunya Spain

Æ2083 Kev “Square” Penygroes Carmarthenshire South Wales, England

Æ2084 Joseph “Mountain-Man” Colville WA

Æ2085 Charles “Gopher” Albuquerque NM

Æ2086 William “Iceman” VT

Æ2087 Cruz “Switchblade” Supply NC

Æ2088 Hoss “Hammy Hoss 0268” Dubuque IA

Æ2089 Eric “641 JS” Jayess MS

Æ2090 Gary “Eagle” Woodbury VT

Æ2091 Gus “966 Western PA” Polk PA

Æ2092 Thomas “215” & “KD0BLS” Newton KS 

Æ2093 James “Gator” & “455” Windsor VA

Æ2094 Lous “WWS582” & “Trouble 582” Iapeer MI

Æ2095 Steve “Stone Cold” Marshfield WI

Æ2096 Tom “Blueboy” & “147” Village Mills TX

Æ2097 Jeff “Two Fingers” & “Unit 166” Wills Point TX

Æ2098 Ryan “Ryan” San Antonio TX

Æ2099 Greg “Buckeye 197” Westerville OH

Æ2100 Sato “Spruce Goose” Lenox MA

Æ2101 David “November Bravo 306” Howden East Yorkshire England

Æ2102 Ken “Gator 1” & KJ7DID” Las Vegas, NV

Æ2103 Dennis “Hawkeye” & “KHN9219” Shreveport LA

Æ2104 RJ “Uncle Remus - Unit 2104” Burnsville NC

Æ2105 Donald “186” Brooksville FL

Æ2106 Alex “VE2AIU” & Ghost Rider” Verdun Quebec Canada

Æ2107 John “355 Pennsylvania” Mount Morris PA

Æ2108 Steve “Gray Fox” Glen Allen VA

Æ2109 Jack “Elf” North Scituate MA

Æ2110 Mike “KAAN-9182” & “Big Bear” New York City NY

Æ2111 Ron “ Godzilla” & “KBGG-5363” Rockwood TN

Æ2112 Joe “Unit 312” Seattle WA

Æ2113 Ralph “N1WIJ” Quincy MA

Æ2114 Jacob “Porkchop” Goshen OH

Æ2115 Carlos “PX2Q2765” São Paulo Brazil

Æ2116 Carlos “N1NDY_tex” Wabash IN

Æ2117 Tammy “Tweety Bird 03” Valrico FL

Æ2118 James “Snaker” Greenville TX

Æ2119 Kevin “VOX 997” Dallas GA

Æ2120 Marco “13 Delta Echo 06” Roth Germany

Æ2121 Jason “Reaper” & “357” El Paso TX

Æ2122 Andre “Andre” Java Yogyakarta Indonesia

Æ2123 Marcius “Maverick 233” Mojave CA

Æ2124 Alexander “Drownem” El Reno OK

Æ2125 Paul “KSA7964” Vinton VA

Æ2126 Devin “Devin” Grant Pass OR

Æ2127 David “Bam-Bam” Mena AR

Æ2128 Irene “Tiny Savage” Arcata CA

Æ2129 Tim “Double R 618” Fairview Heights IL

Æ2130 Robert “Porch Honkey” Sharpsville IN

Æ2131 Ron “Rocketman” & “142T” Santa Fe NM

Æ2132 Art “4710-Mt. Home” Hendersonville NC

Æ2133 John “John” Ladonia TX

Æ2134 Dave “Dave” Magog Quebec Canada

Æ2135 Scott “Fury Base” Norfolk MA

Æ2136 David “Jupiter 152” & “KE6ZWL” Randal KS

Æ2137 Nick “Nick” Covington KY

Æ2138 Jane “Little Bit” Las Vegas NV

Æ2139 Nondo “Seawa” Seattle WA

Æ2140 Elliott “Southpaw” Boonville NC

Æ2141 Joel “Big Bear” Kings Mountain NC

Æ2142 Paul “Big Daddy” Roseville MI

Æ2143 Michael “Outrider” Denver CO

Æ2144 Phillip “Steel Target” & “929” Anderson SC

Æ2145 Edward “Rake Mang” Portland OR

Æ2146 Mike “1031” Hurricane UT

Æ2147 Paul “26CT3431” Seaham Durham England

Æ2148 Joe “JLY155” Eugene OR

Æ2149 JP “771” Oyster Bay NY

Æ2150 Dale “W8WFC” Blanchester OH

Æ2151 Adi “Alfa Romeo” Baverian Forest Germany

Æ2152 Carlos “N1ndy Tex” IA

Æ2153 Don “WA4FL” Clermont FL

Æ2154 Tom “Coffee Fiend” Dighton MA

Æ2155 James “Darkstar” Port Charlotte FL

Æ2156 Ken “Ken” Ft. White FL

Æ2157 Guy “Cactus Slim” Maricopa AZ

Æ2158 Kurt “Phantom Spirit” & “309” Pageland SC

Æ2159 Jared “Tofu” Elkmont AL

Æ2160 Mark “WYLCA99” Dickson WV

Æ2161 Pedro “Double” Porto Portugal

Æ2162 João “Skiper” Aveiro Portugal

Æ2163 Tim “Cobra 148” Whiteland IN

Æ2164 Chris “Grinder 797 “Monroe Ohio

Æ2165 Bill “Lobster “New BloomfieldPA

Æ2166 Mac radio doctor Nathalie

Æ2167 David “KF7VNG” Reno NV

Æ2168 Philip “Airplane” Kernersville NC

Æ2169 Robert “KB5UFG” St.Francisville LA

Æ2170 Charles “KCO315” Pine Colorado

Æ2171 Thomas “624” & “One Eyed Rooster” Buna TX

Æ2172 Bud “Alamo” Otsego MI

Æ2173 Davy “Tree Huggah” Beach Lake PA

Æ2174 Zach “1702” & “Badlands” Winston-Salem NC

Æ2175 Erin “Carolina Mobile” Winston-Salem NC

Æ2176 Maynard “CQ Runner” Wichita Falls TX

Æ2177 Chuck “NY Roughneck” Ashville NY

Æ2178 Thomas “8190” Tijeras NM

Æ2179 Duncan “Sammy Cat” Ellijay GA

Æ2180 Ghislain “Ghislain” Belgium

Æ2181 Mike “AC 004” & “WWS 244” Hermiston OR

Æ2182 Víctor “Gabelo” &”Ti5VVG” Naranjo Alajuela Costa Rica

Æ2183 Albert “Grasshopper” Poulsbo WA

Æ2184 Ralf “Chico 1” Grevenbroich Germany

Æ2185 Michael “TXAG1136” Magnolia TX

Æ2186 Charles “AE.484“ PA

Æ2187 Chuck “Silver Bullet” Vancouver WA

Æ2188 Kevin “Mcgowan” Levittown NY

Æ2189 Dave “Mudd” Baldwin LA & Cisco TX

Æ2190 Paul “Moonshiner” Shakopee MN

Æ2191 John “1146” & “The Wizard” Osage City KS

Æ2192 Todd “Weakie” Tillamook OR

Æ2193 Bryan “W6BKS” Orange CA

Æ2194 Dan “RedCat” Kansas City KS

Æ2195 Mark “Wardon” & “KE7WYI” Brigham City UT

Æ2196 Tim “Black Horse” & “770” Murfreesboro TN

Æ2197 Bob “Running Bear” Rogersville TN

Æ2198 John “Sparky” Gonzales TX

Æ2199 Derek “ATC350X Halifax Nova Scotia

Æ2200 Jose “Big Tony” Leonardtown MD

Æ2201 James “Tugboat” Watauga TX

Æ2202 Steve “Starshooter” & “Unit 216” Abilene TX

Æ2203 Mark “Slashzero” Boston MA

Æ2204 Gene “WWS0713” Greenville AL

Æ2205 Caleb “Snakebite” & “227” Winchester IN

Æ2206 Andrew “Mountain Man” Rutland VT

Æ2207 Delmar “CM (Construction Man)” Crystal Spring PA

Æ2208 Gary “Bones” Hesperia MI

Æ2209 Timothy “White Rick” & “223” Spartanburg SC

Æ2210 Tom “Fuzzy Bunny Slippers” Allentown PA

Æ2211 Mike “Catrider 64” Kingman AZ

Æ2212 Charles “WWW070” Iowa Falls IA

Æ2213 Daryl “KB7RWA Kamiah ID

Æ2214 Bob “604 Northern Maine” Littleton ME

Æ2215 Paul “Superman” Merrimack NH

Æ2216 Mark “Flying Dutchman” Londonderry NH

Æ2217 Pete “112” Prospect CT

Æ2218 Robert “Doctor Radio” Charlotte NC

Æ2219 John “Passport Jack” Boynton Beach FL

Æ2220 Frank “Misfit” & “W7PWP” Randle WA

Æ2221 John “713” San Antonio TX

Æ2222 Bill “Slam Rat” Bethlehem PA

Æ2223 Ross “Win70” East Hampton CT

Æ2224 Joe “Timebomb” Castro Valley CA

Æ2225 Bob “Bobby” Cincinnati OH

Æ2226 Kenneth “Papabear” Beanstation TN

Æ2227 Bill “Bildacker” Elizabethton TN

Æ2228 Rod “The Russian” Oconomowoc WI

Æ2229 Josh “Bignose” Weare NH

Æ2230 Ross “445” & “Forgemaster” Middletown CT

Æ2231 Michel “Mike Fox” Luxembourg

Æ2232 Dan “Dirty Dan” Hendersonville TN

Æ2233 Tom “Space Commander” Jay ME

Æ2234 Peter “49sr03” Marratxi Majorca Spain

Æ2235 Jerry “Uncle Sam" & KHW-6006” Drexel Hill PA

Æ2236 Robert “469” & Kingfisher” Austin MN

Æ2237 Joe “Madhatter” & “213” Long Island NY

Æ2238 John “206” Hicksville NY

Æ2239 Mike “White Lightning” & “KJ7POD” Lewiston ID


Æ2241 Achim “13RF675” Munderkingen Germany

Æ2242 Aaron “Hawkeye 77” Elgin OK

Æ2243 Jeff “Rosco Purvis Coltrane” Barrie Ontario Canada

Æ2244 Tony “Emerald 55” Mullingar Ireland

Æ2245 Django “410” San Diego CA

Æ2246 Jackson “Rocket Jockey” Fort Myers FL

Æ2247 Josh “Josh” Little Rock AR

Æ2248 Tom “The Green Machine” Medina OH

Æ2249 Troy “Wkdbandit” & “262” Cheyenne WY

Æ2250 Glenn “EOV” Leroy IL

Æ2251 David “Superdave” & “895” Valparaiso Chile

Æ2252 Chris “43CM57” Tasmania Australia

Æ2253 JD “Juliet Delta 3” Lakewood WA

Æ2254 Andrew “Bubba Bear” Whitestown IN

Æ2255 Steve “ Steve” Seven Hills OH 

Æ2256 Scott “Kilo Juliet Delta 88 (KJD88)” Coos Bay OR

Æ2257 Thomas “Flip-Top” Acosta PA

Æ2258 Jay “440” Ravena NY

Æ2259 Dave “Five Speed “& “721 Buckeye” Springfield OH

Æ2260 Pat “Bounty Hunter” Corona CA 

Æ2261 Ernest “Kaxi3892” Turner ME

Æ2262 John “Triple 7” Thompson CT

Æ2263 Drew “Motorcity Screaming Demon” Garden City MI

Æ2264 Mike “Patriot” Kingman ME

Æ2265 Justin “K955 Ironman” Sunrise Beach MO

Æ2266 Ronald “Big Red” Decatur IL

Æ2267 Jim “18AM532” & “Bionic Peanut” Shreveport LA

Æ2268 Matthew “Grey Goose” & “256” Sylacauga Alabama

Æ2269 Matthew “Dark Star” Lost Angeles CA

Æ2270 Danny “Dareme” Marysville WA

Æ2271 Dave “Dave” Birmingham AL

Æ2272 Cody “KW4BNF” & “2W926” Oakdale PA

Æ2273 Louis “Bluelou” & “KB9CIQ” Alsip IL

Æ2274 Jeff “247 Western Massachusetts” North Adams MA

Æ2275 Leif “Ham” Albuquerque NM

Æ2276 Eric “Eric” Marshfield MA

Æ2277 Jason “Moonwolf 28” PA

Æ2278 Jason “Father J” San Diego CA

Æ2279 Rhonda “Constant” Abilene TX

Æ2280 Jeffrey “KGL6429” & “The Old Buckskinner” Avon IL

Æ2281 Mark “Mark 1” Harlan IA

Æ2282 Max “NE 373” Grand Island NE

Æ2283 Lou ”RC45” & ”USB1865” Northport FL

Æ2284 Mike “Muskrat Rambler” Marietta GA

Æ2285 James “Mad Jack” & “114” Wichita KS

Æ2286 Donald “Dr. Mallard” & “OMX-1302” Guadalajara MX & Westminster CA

Æ2287 Aaron “The A Team” & “KCY9125” Houston TX

Æ2288 Lee “803” Redmond WA

Æ2289 Reggie “J.R.” & “KTA0662” Jonesboro LA

Æ2290 Dan “Mountain Man” CO

Æ2291 Frank “Mad Dog” Umbarger TX

Æ2292 John “Hoodster” Warrensburg MI

Æ2293 Carlos “Slow Rider” & “KJD0570” San Antonio TX

Æ2294 Tim “Big Block” Melbourne FL

Æ2295 Arthur “AF6NM” Yermo CA

Æ2296 Scott “Yankee” Barkhamsted CT

Æ2297 John “Birdhouse” & “136” Broomfield CO

Æ2298 Ken “Green Acre” Newland NC

Æ2299 Patrick “Moonshiner” Kansas City MI

Æ2300 John “Mt Man” & “KI7DVI” Boulder City NV

Æ2301 Charles “Triple Nickel” Palmyra PA

Æ2302 Albert “Sidewinder” & “68” Smithfield KY

Æ2303 Anna “Angel” Marysville OH

Æ2304 Steve “Coyote” WI

Æ2305 Zeek “Zeek Twerpy” Seattle WA

Æ2306 Craig “Patriot” & “139W” El Paso TX

Æ2307 Greg “229” Upper Marlboro MD

Æ2308 Tom “535 North Central Florida” Ocala FL

Æ2309 Rob “WX5RP” Christmas Valley OR

Æ2310 Cody “2W926” Weirton WV

Æ2311 David “Unit 121” Franklin KY

Æ2312 Bill “8503” Whittier CA

Æ2313 Marc “Alien Base” Silver City NM

Æ2314 Chuck “Spike” Pittsburgh PA

Æ2315 Mark “4814” Munhall PA

Æ2316 Landon “Rabbid Possum” & “Tango November 111” Chapel Hill TN

Æ2317 Nicholas “Glitch” MO

Æ2318 Glenn “Unit 711” Chicago IL

Æ2319 David “Sebring 825” & “KLB0972” Sebring FL

Æ2320 Ty “Skeeterhawk426” Princeton KY

Æ2321 Erno “Desert Rat” Lake Elsinore CA

Æ2322 Zach “Mongo” & “6519” Vernal UT

Æ2323 Steven “Whiskey Charlie 72” Peabody MA

Æ2324 Ed “Sneaky Snake” Salamanca Spain

Æ2325 Eric “415” San Diego CA

Æ2326 Brosse “Brosse” Japan

Æ2327 Ernest “3892” Turner ME

Æ2328 Jeff “VA3EHF” Barrie Ontario Canada

Æ2329 Mike “WD-103” Port Alberni, British Columbia

Æ2330 Tom “535 North Central Florida” Ocala FL

Æ2331 Romeo “2SDR” Charlotte NC

Æ2332 Ronald “KE8OSX” Monroe MI

Æ2333 Robert “Preacher” Jackson MI

Æ2334 Bill “2227” & “KE4MAY” Port Richey FL

Æ2335 Paul "Viking Chief" & ”KK4UDX” Northport AL

Æ2336 John "Mt Man” & ”KI7DVI" Wells NV

Æ2337 Bob “Dog Catcher” Arlington VA

Æ2338 Rudi "Gator Bait” & ”654" Brooksville FL

Æ2339 Bryan “W6BKA” Orange CA

Æ2340 Jeff “189 Kansas City” Greenwood MO

Æ2341 Nico “19-537” Amsterdam Netherlands

Æ2342 Wayne “Northwest Florida 211” Pensacola FL

Æ2343 Jason “227 Horseman” Ellensburg WA

Æ2344 Timothy “Rock 223” Spartanburg SC

Æ2345 Makkus “13LR811” Mettmann, Germany

Æ2346 Jim “042” Post Falls ID

Æ2347 Luis “WQYJ517” Miami FL

Æ2348 Chris “14AE001” Arras, France

Æ2349 Scott “226” Jacksonville FL

Æ2350 Mike “CT-102” Enfield CT

Æ2351 Brian “Joe Cool” Culleoka TN

Æ2352 Mary “Homestead Momma” Van Horn TX

Æ2353 Nel “212 Utah” Logan UT

Æ2354 Bob “Unit 231” Shingle Springs CA

Æ2355 Dave “Metro243” Carbondale PA

Æ2356 Captain Kangaroo “Elmo Knows” Pittsboro AK

Æ2357 Edward “Werewolf” Austin TX

Æ2358 Darold “Road Runner” Des Moines IA

Æ2359 Patty “Paulson” Cincinnati OH

Æ2360 Mike “RT819” Puryear TN

Æ2361 Derek “Mud Dauber 359” Lima OH / TX

Æ2362 Arthur “Snowball” Gaithersburg MD

Æ2363 Steve “Boomslang” Ekron KY

Æ2364 Ken “Hawghunter” Laurinburg NC

Æ2365 Clinton “SB101” Hallifax VA

Æ2366 Jeff “ACT-1” Kilgore TX

Æ2367 David “Miller” Bald Knob AR

Æ2368 Ricky “K5 & KI5TBQ” Collins MI

Æ2369 Mike “SOB 247 Southern CA” “Santa Clarita CA

Æ2370 Jackson “143” Fort Wayne IN

Æ2371 John “19AC770” Jubbega, Friesland, Netherlands

Æ2372 John “Wrench Tuner 712” Loris SC

Æ2373 Bill “199” Nehant MA

Æ2374 James “RoBear212” Franklinton LA

Æ2375 Michael “Redwolf” Junction City KS

Æ2376 Dave “001” Wellington ME

Æ2377 Mike “SAR-1” Alma NY

Æ2378 Michael “328 South 3” Marion SC

Æ2379 Jack “NWF 206 & 2WR1636 & Triple B” Cantonment FL

Æ2380 Mike “811” Liverpool NY

Æ2381 Dennis “925 & Screaming Eagle” Pace FL

Æ2382 Dan “Midnight Rider” Lindsey OH

Æ2383 Kenny “K5MXJ” Houston TX

Æ2384 Bruce “WN241” Kennewick WA

Æ2385 Bryant “BR549” Winter Haven FL

Æ2386 Mark “Tango 521” Brooklyn NY

Æ2387 Anthony “Wings” Cranston RI

Æ2388 Steve “Woodstock & 539” Londonderry NH

Æ2389 JW “BushHawg & DeltaTango 214” Dorchester SC

Æ2390 Mark “Mark” Nashua NH

Æ2391 Lonnie “LogAc” Buna TX

Æ2392 Bobby “KPB1230” TN

Æ2393 Big John “Night Stalker” North Sutton NH

Æ2394 Mike “WD-103” Port Alberni British Columbia

Æ2395 Scott “55 & Sasquatch” Big Flats WI

Æ2396 Sony “KKK7991” Mechanicsville VA

Æ2397 Roland “603” Brookline NH

Æ2398 Jim “628” Troy OH

Æ2399 Ed “GunnyG” Camden SC

Æ2400 John “2NY-015” Staten Island NY

Æ2401 Tim “Tinman” Saco ME

Æ2402 Alex “2AD” New Egypt NJ

Æ2403 Peter “13DFC3641” Hueckelhoven Germany

Æ2404 Frank “Frank” Danielson CT

Æ2405 Brian “Angler’ High Point NC

Æ2406 Hugo “Azteca” Jojulta, Morelos, Mexico

Æ2407 Jeff “Jeff” Saranac NY

Æ2408 Samuel “713” Cherokee Village AR

Æ2409 Kent “Poohbear & 2009” Mountain View OK

Æ2410 Matt “Skywalker & KB2WOX” Schenectady NY

Æ2411 Conny “Conny” Sweden

Æ2412 Brian “Old Country” Trion GA

Æ2413 Christian “Rubber Duck” Trion GA

Æ2414 Ed “Sneaky Snake” Salamanca NY

Æ2415 Michael “TC116” Coldspring TX

Æ2416 Ray “Ray” Austin TX

Æ2417 Dave “Dave” Billings MT

Æ2418 Brian “Raven #499 & WRKN700” Poplar Bluff MI

Æ2419 Gus “AE996” Polk PA

Æ2420 Milton “130” Budd Lake NJ

Æ2421 Neil “Juliet Pappa 20” Cumbria United Kingdom

Æ2422 Norris “Norris” Sturgis MS

Æ2423 Marlene “Myles” Northfield NH

Æ2424 Jeff “Syntak & 419” Woodbridge VA

Æ2425 Gilberto “Inspector Gadget” West Palm FL

Æ2426 Jim “Triple Vision & 44” Sterling CT

Æ2427 Marcel Nita “WDL6043” San Francisco CA

Æ2428 Mark “Cruise Control” IA

Æ2429 Michael “TC116” Coldspring TX

Æ2430 Steve “Mid Atlantic 375 & Pirate Radio” Succasunna NJ

Æ2431 Ben “WD40” Harrisburg PA

Æ2432 Neil “North Dakota Unit #974” Fargo ND

Æ2433 Zoran “Zoran” V. Fradiste Serbia

Æ2434 Edward “Midnightolis” Lynn MA

Æ2435 William “Road Runner” LA

Æ2436 Tim “Stingray” Milwaukee WI

Æ2437 Bryan “mm6ejo” Falkirk Scotland

Æ2438 Paul “501 Ohio” Toledo OH

Æ2439 Rodney “226” San Angelo TX

Æ2440 Martin “Magnum 45” Barbelroth Germany

Æ2441 Bud “516” E Dublin GA

Æ2442 Bert “Baron Rojo” “2RC555” Silver Spring MD

Æ2443 David “Haggis Hunter” Holiday FL

Æ2444 Ken “KE8PQY & Redeye” Irving MI

Æ2510 Ipo "Ipo“ Death Valley CA 

Æ4176 Bill “Yaesuman” Lake Chickamauga TN 

Æ4280 Rick “KRO 4280” Sacramento CA 

Æ7786 Rowe “269” Irondale MO 

Æ8220 Scott “Grumpy” Lancaster PA

American Eagle SSB CBers CLUB history

American Eagle SSB CBers Club History

The American Eagle SSB CB'ers club has quite a history. The Æ club was originally started by four people: Larry (Æ #01), Geoff (Æ #02), Butch (Æ #03), and Jim (Æ #911 - later changed to Æ#2). The club was formed in the Berkshires (Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts) with an original base QTH of Peru, MA -just northeast of Pittsfield, MA. These four founding members held the very first Æ net-night on 37 LSB on February 5, 1992. By the end of the second net, on February 12, 1992, the club had twenty members. By the time one year had passed, there were 95 members on the roster.

The original board of directors are responsible for giving the Æ club its initially, very successful start in 1992. Of these four members, Jim, Æ#2 was the only member that consistently remained active with the club through 1995. Jim now lives in Michigan, but does visit the Berkshires around the holidays. The other original three were issued separate honorary "0-prefixed" numbers that will not be issued to anyone else.

Many other people were members during this period, however at that time, there was a three-week sign-in rule. This rule stated that anyone missing three consecutive sign-ins was dropped from the roster. That rule was then amended to allow up to a twelve week lapse in sign-ins however, many members simply disappeared, and we continued to lose numbers.

After the second year, the club was about 170 members strong, but the then Æ #1 (Larry) lost interest in running the nets. Also, Geoff & Butch had moved out of the area and were not anywhere to be found on the radio. Jim did his best to run the weekly nets and was the only original founding member still on the radio.

Cori & Bill then came on the scene to help out Jim because of their key location up on Washington mountain, in Washington, Massachusetts. Cori ended up with the job of running the net and eventually became Æ #1 (with Larry's consent) and Bill was issued Æ #3.

Around late 1994 into 1995, a few club events were scheduled, members said they were interested  but never showed-up. This was frustrating and resulted in postponing any future club events.

Eventually, the net was stopped all-together in early 1995. There was simply not enough interest, so the club lay dormant until October of 1996, the net was restarted at the urging of Æ #23, Keith. He began a monthly newsletter called Sporadic Waves in which he featured stories about the American Eagle SSB CB'ers club. [Please note: Sporadic Waves IS NOT the American Eagle Club's Newsletter. Sporadic Waves is a separate entity that includes stories & updates about the Æ club . it just so happens that the author of the Æ club materials and Sporadic Waves is one and the same; Æ#23, Keith]. Copies of the newsletter were distributed to any Æ member that the club had an address for This was to get the word out that the net was going to run again; but in a new and exciting way.

Instead of people just mindlessly signing-in, it was agreed that the net was to be more of a friendly chat session. True, it may make it difficult for members to sign in, but we aren't looking for massive amounts of check-ins, we are looking for some good SSB conversation!

On February 9, 1997, the Sunday evening net was begun again, and proved to be successful. 39 people from 3 states signed in and chatted from 9 to 10:30pm. By October, 1998, the Sunday night net averaged around 60 check ins and we passed the 350 member mark in this same month! Most of this success was due to Æ#18, Roger, from Pownal, VT. Roger's excellent radio communications ability and dedication to being on the air every week, helped the club tremendously. Most all of the VT and later NY members were gained via Roger and we can honestly guesstimate that he was responsible for recruiting 100+ members!

By May of 1999, the net was shut down for the summer. But, when the September start-up date came along, things changed due to Æ#23, Keith, moving to a new QTH and Æ#18, Roger, needed a break from his radios for a while. This meant no more Sunday evening nets, so again, the club slowed pace & lay dormant.

In October, 1999, Æ#352, Mike, from Philadelphia, NY (NNE of Watertown, NY, off the East coast of Lake Ontario) Volunteered to start up a Saturday night net and began an aggressive Internet campaign to recruit new members. Mike also began the first Æ official web site in the beginning of the year 2000. The net still rand each Saturday night but typically shut down from May to October.

In the early 2000's, AE# 23, Keith, designed, edited and maintained the Æ web site. As of March, 2003, the AE SSB Cber's Club ceased activity and no longer accepts new members. This was done due to lack of people interested in running the club..

In July 2006 Eric Extreme from North Conway, New Hampshire, known as Æ813 decided to try and give Æ Club a new life with the blessing of of one of the original club organizers Æ23, Keith. In the first 2 days of reopening the Æ Club with some simple internet advertising about 50 new members joined the Æ Club.

Since the reopening of the club the membership number has doubled with the biggest influx of members since the first half of 2017 where we have had OVER 300 new members sign up. On Sunday, June 9, 2019 we reached the 2000 member milestone.

Since June 2019 we have added well over 450 new members!

The club is celebrating its 30 year anniversary! February 5, 1992 - February 5, 2022.

© 1992-2022 : American Eagle SSB CBers Club and